Bug Report Thread


Had you just been on a bit of a kill rampage beforehand by any chance? I get the same thing but only if I have a kill-spree first and the guards/NPCs move out of their normal routes to go zip up some bodies/report weapons on the lower floors for example. If I just play regular stealthy/no bodies found etc. it’s fine.


Nope. I hadn’t been compromised at all. In fact, I just came from Jeff’s room and got that disguise.


Hmm, that is weird then -I definitely find The Source overall is a pretty glitchy level though, like the ‘out of map’ glitch at the back near the security hut.


Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing the game for about a month now and I’ve come across what seems to be a bug that forces my Xbox One X to shut down “to prevent damage from overheating” when I perform specific actions. The two that I have found and confirmed are:

  1. Trying to kill Solders by overcharging the defibrillators. The console shuts down in the cutscene where he gets electrocuted.
  2. Trying to drag the corpse of either of the three targets (edit: in the freezer room) in lvl. 5 of the Escalation Contract “The Somsak Equation”. (edit: The console shuts down when I let go of the corpse)

I’m obviously posting this here because the console itself doesn’t have any overheating problems with other games. While this bug doesn’t prevent you from unlocking all achievements, it certainly prevents you from completing every single challenge in the game.

Has anybody experienced this or heard about it? Please, any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and I’m happy to have joined you,
Anima Pura


More scenarios to add to the below?


The difference between the two “reports” is that @Euler13 didn’t report his console shutting down. It’s common knowledge that the X makes more noise than the phat Xbox One, because it has another cooling system and when there are a lot NPCs for example in Hitman on screen, the fan works harder. I don’t know if he has come against unexpected shut downs too, I’m honestly surprised nobody has reported this yet.

Thanks for the reply @05prash05!




@Clemens_IOI, @ioi_christianco: This problem was first reported on 5 July 2018 and it still persists 12 days later. Currently on Xbox, if we go to Trending or Most Played Last Week, we are getting the following message: “There are no contracts available”.

Here’s a video.

Is this a known issue? Is it being looked into?

Out of interest, is anyone on PC or PS4 affected by this issue?


I checked PC some days ago, we dont seem to have that problem.


I can confirm that this issue is not present on PC.


I don’t have the issue on PS4.


Looks to me it’s the checkpoint AI in Club 27 all over again. They still believe the Queen suite is Ken Morgen only.


@Euler13 thank you for reporting, we’ll look into it


@ioi_christianco Have you guys taken note of the bug I’ve reported above? I’m seriously doubting you’re going to look into it now that the sequel is months away.


They will look into it. But they can’t fix it day 1 when you posted it.


That’s obvious, but I didn’t see anybody from IOI respond saying they will look into it. It’s far easier to fix a glitch where you can’t pick your rifle back up than to improve optimization for those few instances.

The bad thing with current-gen consoles is that they inherited the PC drawback of being susceptible to bad optimization. Given how the game’s been out of two years and the sequel’s around the corner, I don’t think they’ll have the time and/or resources to fix this very serious issue. I guess that’s what we get for playing on a console the majority of the community doesn’t play on.


I will not be responding to this LMAO


Oh please do, I wanna know what you found so funny. Because a game shutting down a console because it’s not optimized for it isn’t funny at all.


The ignorance, that’s what.


@immadummee47 You’re calling me ignorant because I believe (and it’s true) that the issues I’m facing are worse and more serious than yours?