Bug Report Thread


No. Not that.


The optional exits for A House Built of Sand have been replaced by the ones in a gilded cage, making the feats of escaping for 2 doors and the minivan impossible to get/achieve


You need a crowbar and keys for those exist


Can you get a video?


I have also found a bug with which the first success does not become for concluded Eskalationen angerechnent.
To see as in the pictures, the orders were fulfilled, however, the end of the masterly achievement is missing.
Does somebody know a solution?


I’m having constant issues with the Sniper Assassin early DLC. I’ve attached a screenshot.

I’m playing on PS4. I live in the USA. After I tried firing it up yesterday and got the same thing over and over again, I started seeking out info on the web and came across this page. I have received two different error messages. One is attached, it is given once past the main title screen (if you were to select “Go Offline” at the prompt). The other is given at title screen. States “Connection Failed; unable to connect to Hitman service. Position in queue is: 10127. For more information, contact Hitman support.” Also, the time would be any time between 7/20/18 7pm-3am EST and this morning as well. This picture was taken 7/21/18 4:27pm EST.
Furthermore, I’ve been playing Hitman *2016 for weeks now without issue. I’ve came across a few other threads on here that state the same problem.


There is no mastery for the ICA training facility (Freeroam Training/The Final Test) so no, its not a bug


This is not a bug, you need to complete 10 escalations contracts, you only finish 2 (5/5 represents the steps, not the number of contracts).


Thank you for your answers and explanations. :slight_smile:


I have the same with the master vampire pack. All challenges unlocked but not the master vampire one.


I was sent some contract details on console yesterday, and got this message pop up when searching via contract ID:


Tried looking it up via title/Sapi and it doesn’t appear using that method. The message seems to suggest I don’t have access to it. Was it removed, or am I blocked for some reason? :thinking:

Contract details:

Also, the ‘Trending’ and ‘Most Played’ tabs are still empty on Xbox.
@Clemens_IOI @ioi_christianco


Arthin Occultation Hatched Fails

In addressing the exploits that could be used on Level 5, it seems that it has now been “over-fixed”?


If you can’t get a video, can you at least get a photo where you have all objectives on the screen at all times and shows all targets dead, find exit, while also standing at the secret exit door with the crowbar in your hand?


@ioi_christianco Some other screenshots regarding this bug with recents featured contracts, my username is still duplicated, it’s totally random. When I restart the game, only legit time appears, not the duplicate one. After sometimes in-game, the duplicate one re-appears.

Hitman hacked or bug?

To cheer you up, redundant Hardware has it’s advantages!


It’s a feature, not a bug ? :rofl:


This bug in a contract named Totally legit names, how fitting :joy:


I noticed that this bug occurs more often recently.


Okay, this is probably not really a bug, but this unlisted video shows what was happening yesterday and it made me chuckle. Look how far into the room he is when he “spots” me trespassing. On the second short clip, you will see that not only can he spot me through a solid wall, but when he comes to rebuke me, he knew exactly where I was standing. It seems that 47 is not the only one with instinct ability. (c;


Are IOI aware of this yet? Equipping a pistol overrides how easily 47 is detected when carrying a large weapon on his back.