Bug Report Thread


Below that area is the CCTV recorder in the priest’s room. C4 and the phone are able to destroy it.


Oh. Allright thank you, did not know that :smiley:




i went in front of them, they found me trespassing, i threw the virus prototype in Francesca’s feet, and i was able to walk away, without the guards caring


Edit 2:

Edit 2: They respond normally now


I noticed this today whilst playing a contract. I left the level as soon as he ate his poisoned food and died. I know about the 3 second ruling which applies to non-accident kills etc, however shouldn’t poison behave like an accident and allow you to leave instantly? This happens with injected poison too, i just tested it at the harbour in Sapienza.

I’ve included the whole run, but skip to 2.55s for the kill/ rating.


It’s a feature. You have to wait 2 seconds before leaving the level after the last kill (unless it’s an accident type) or the game will inmediatly throw a noticed kill in the end of the score.


Poison kill acts the same as accident type. If it didn’t, I would lose ‘BODY FOUND’ bonus too, correct? If you snipe and leave, you lose both bonuses whether anyone found the body or not i think, unless you wait of course.


It’s a right pain, but @scm97tl is right. Poison kills behave just like other non-accident kills. You’ll never lose “No Bodies Found” bonus, but you do need to wait 2-3 seconds for the “No Noticed Kills” bonus to register. I don’t think you need to see it say, “Unnoticed Kill”, but that is always a safe option on something like an ET.


Should it behave like this is the question I am posing. I would assume the devs intended it not to be like this, don’t you? Maybe this can be changed for HITMAN 2?


found this video recently. In Hokkaido there’s a a railing where in a certain section if you vault you’ll be able to go out of bounds. Tested it myself and it works

@Urben @Nakar @WRP_Beater


@BernardoOne This glitch can also spawn you underneath the stairs/ building and out of the map.


Guard said, that they are looking for Helmut Kruger, when i dropped the light rig, but i wasnt compromised,
Edit: It chanced like 15 secs later to hunted, without anyone having spotted me
Edit 2: Found him


Something goofy I noticed in Landslide, some of the crew members appearances change after you use their disguise. Not really gamebreaking, but weird things like that bug me the most.


Broken featured contract. Second time this has happened. Last time i remade for myself.

EDIT: Came back after couple hours, same problem. Remade contract, recorded strategy. Tried loading it one last time and of course it worked.

FFS this game can suck sometimes :frowning:


What is that you are holding? I’ve never seen it before


It’s the virus cannister than can be used to kill Francesca.


Its the letter opener. In Paris one is on Dalia’s desk. And i think one on Larin’s desk not sure. In World of Tomorrow one is on Francesca’s desk


That’s not the letter opener. It’s the virus canister.


Oh wait, depends on which picture. In that other one i have Letter Opener


He gets triggered when you get into the “do not enter zone”. Then when you cross it, it triggers trespassing. So it’s actually him seeing you when you’re about to trespass, than actually trespassing.