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Invisible gun fucking up my roulette


Auto-changing clips. Interesting.



I didn’t know where to post it, I hope it fits in here somehow. In @Kotti s video for Hitman 2, I noticed this passage between these boxes and the fence, into which you can go into, but not through. This obviously causes confusion. However, this is just a small unimportant detail, but it wouldn’t stop bothering me.
At ~03:20

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Reminds me of BM’s Till Death Do Us Part where in the main party room with a piano there were chairs between some of the tables that caused a similar situation.

Glad IOI is listening and we’re finally getting the BM2 everyone wanted. First briefcase and now this. Gotta love Alan for such details :new_moon_with_face:


I think its even worse in this case, because this passage will be used to hide/ but keep moving at the same time. It could have a negative impact on the gameplay, if you have to turnaround and go passed it on the other side of the boxes.


Oh hell yeah!
I found a boi puking on the floor!


How about puking in between a toilet and bin?
image http://5secondsapp.com/ul/b97baf59096991e31b52df99a1b1b4a0.gif


I think we have a fair middle way right here.


Fokoff urben Looool :kissing_heart:


Fell thru the floor in Colorado today. I did lose this body once before, but this time I went with it.


I unequipped the suit


This’ll never be fixed, but was almost worth restarting the game for I guess…


• Bullet impact doesn’t always register and I end up shooting blanks at targets. This can compromise my possition and alert everyone else in our sorrounding area. This usaly forces me to restart a previous checkpoint and causes great frustration.

• A regular recurring glitch is when the AI can see through walls and will witness me commiting a murder. It appears as if they have spider sense which allowes them to know that I have killed someone without them finding a body and with no cause to think it was even me.

• Game occationly crashes which includes audio buzzing and then quits the game placing me back on to the xbox dashboard.

• When minimising or ending the game it leaves the TV with this green tinge which wont go away unless I eaither turn off the TV or Reboot the Xbox.


Picture tells more than a thousand words, yes?


Looks like a SMG. 2020


Oh… okay i wonder where i got this SMG then. I got fusil 2G with me… ehh it switched up at somepoint, somewhere… Well nvm then


Please keep it bug related. There is a screenshot threat if you would like to post these…:bug:


Uhh, yes i am keeping it. I tought it was a bug because i did the requirements but failed but turns out i just mistook my gun for an assault riglr
Edit: Rifle. My phone is laggy


That was an SMG nor an AR, but even I make mistakes


In Paris, The Showstopper: A Rare Scoop seems to be broken. I am at mastery 20 and put the given ICA Remote Explosive inside the camera. I give the blogger the camera lens and follow her. She walks outside puts the camera down then walks away. Victor shows up sees she is not there then walks away. They never meet up