Bug with progress

Recently started playing Hitman. Decided to finish absolutely everything on level 1 but for some reason it wasn’t included one task. I would like to know, is that I broke the game or how it should be ?
(he lived in Russia, from-for what the game itself is in Russian, on the picture itself Aggravation with a check mark about the execution, but the trick is still not counted )
My English is very bad, if that is unclear, it is better to ask again

The challenge requires you complete ten
escalation missions. There are only two on the first level so escalations from other levels will count towards this challenge

Hope that helps!

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Challenge itself says 10


@Plus_Rage испытание требует выполнить 10 контрактов на обострение. Не обязательно в этой локации - зачтутся любые, по всей игре.
У нас есть:
2 контракта в Комплексе МКА
2 в Париже
1 в Сапиенце
2 в Марракеше
1 в Бангкоке
1 в Колорадо
2 в Хоккайдо
2 в Майами
3 в Санта Фортуне
1 в Мумбаи
1 в Уиттлтон Крик
2 на Острове Тени
Итого: 20 контрактов на обострение.
Выбирай любые 10 и проходи все 3 уровня в каждом контракте

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