Bullet Impact Visual Effect Bug

I’ve just recently noticed that there’s a bit of a bug when it comes to bullet impact, pretty much despite what you shoot sparks will fly out from what you’ve shot, even when you shoot water sparks will fly out. This wasn’t an issue in Hitman 2016 and I hope you guys will soon fix it. Thank you.

could you record a vid of it

Sure, I’ve demonstrated that it shows up on multiple surfaces it’s not supposed to, like dead bodies. I also suggest you put the video to 1440p and use 0.25x speed playback to see the details more clearly.


First of all, welcome to HMF! :smiley:

Second, and more on-topic: I cannot see any sparks, what I do see however are drops (water), and recoil (body, and ground). Are you absolutely SURE that what you see are sparks and not recoil (bullet shatter)?

I think I see sparks at point of bullet impact irrespective of surface (including water, dead bodies).

It’s not necessarily sparks, but…