Bullet Train Trophy glitched

Hi everyone,

Looks like the trophy/achievement Bullet Train is glitched after the latest patch…

I found on reddit few people reporting it too but I would like to know if some of you also have the same issue…

I think IOI haven’t acknowledged the issue yet.


Not sure if IO have acknowledged the issue, but there are a fair few reporting it in the bug thread, me included.

Shortcut Killer is still broken too.

Yup same issue for me, my last trophy as well :pensive:

I can also confirm that is trophy is broken on ps4 and ps5 after the latest patch

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Same here, please fix it :frowning:

Same for me as well. Only need bullet train and trains surfing for the platinum. Seems to be a issue with registering the shotgun. Please get this fixed very frustrating


Mine has also glitched and is not working for me.

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Same problem on Xbox Series X digital copy of game. Also the Got My Boomstick discovery is glitched.


Same issue here. The game doesn’t recognise picking up the shotgun for the boomstick challenge and therefore doesn’t recognise shotgun kills for the bullet train achievo.
Playing on Xbox Series X, digital copy.


Its been over 3 weeks now and its still bugged. And no acknowledgement. Come on IOI

It’s in the list of Known Issues, as updated just this morning. They’re working on it.

Troublesome Trophies
We’re aware of several players having issues unlocking the following trophies/achievements: Bullet Train, Train Surfing, Ripe for the Picking, Shortcut Killer, Icebreaker, Rich Harvest, Rise Up, Master the Terroir, Full House, Perfectionist
Status : Investigating.