Busy schedule achievement bug

Hello fellows.
Im having problems getting this one.
I did all of the visible mission stories plus i called both Vanya and Rangan and completed their opportunities.
But i still cant get it.
Everything marked as completed
Maybe it has something to do with me completing the Foreman MS through the Kashmirian questline. (It still marked as completed tho)
Im not sure about that but it might be the reason.
Anyway its bugged and i wish it will be fixed.

Do you have the instructions turned on? I think this can sometimes effect the completion trigger. The only way to check would be to re-do all of the stories unfortunately.

Ill see into that , ill do them all again if needed and ill be back if it doesnt help

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I am also having a problem with this on PS4. It says 7/7 completed, and they are all checked off in the menu. I contacts support and they said to post in the forums,

You’ve gotta do each story to the letter.

I.e. use a specific emetic poison on the map rather than one you bring in, etc

Turn the tracker on, it will help

I’ve done each one twice now. Following every hint specifically. This is the only Mission Stories trophy this has happened on so far. Got them all in Hitman 1 legacy, and every Hitman 2 level up to Mumbai.

Did you do them with the objective locater turned on?

While googling online and just sitting in Mumbai, the trophy popped!
Unsure why. But there’s that.

It’s truly bugged.
Ive done everything twice and it doesnt help.
This ia the only achievement i have left.