Call of Duty Black Ops 3


Just wondered if anyone fellow forum users played Black Ops 3 and fancied adding me on PSN?

Well into this game at the minute (guilty pleasure, we all have them!)

My PSN is JaM_47 feel free to add


I deleted it long time ago. I didn’t enjoy it one bit. Only reason I kept playing it, as well as Infinite Warfare is to have something to play against my friends.
But in WW2 things will change. I am going to play it for pleasure. Are you going to buy WW2?


I feel that this thread should be changed to “Call of Duty” instead of “Black Ops 3”. If new members see this, they might think it’s okay to make a thread for another call of duty game thus creating unnecessary duplicates.

@Jarbinger Mind if I change the title?


I purchased it upon release, hardly played it but suddenly picked it back up at the beginning of this year and now I’m hooked again, couldn’t get into Infinite Warfare at all.

And YES! 100% buying WW2, I have it pre-ordered, played the BETA its awesome! will you be purchasing it?


OF COURSE I WILL! I got them all since Black Ops 1. My favorite was MW3. I played it like an insane. Only Free for All.
I already pre ordered WW2 and can’t wait. Send me a friend request alexbadea


Yes! MW3 was on another level, I also clocked up some insane game time on that.

Nice one buddy. Will send a friend request tonight when I’m online :+1:


What? Everybody knows Black Ops 3 is a Call of Duty game, @Jamy47 maybe change the title to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3?


@ingrobny sorted :+1:t2:Hope this helps


Much better :blush:.


Maybe i should post a on topic post as well, when i’m first here i mean :joy:.

I haven’t played Black Ops 3, because the story is too far into the future and that’s not my cup of tea when it comes to COD, but i will buy COD WWII for the story mode, i don’t play online, but i’m looking forward to going back to WWII :smiley:.


Campaign on black ops 3 was no good at all, I can see WW2 having a really good one, as all the other WW2 COD games have, don’t know how you don’t play online!! So addictive


I’m saying maybe it should be changed to Call of Duty in general because no one wants to end up with a thread for every single individual call of duty game.


That’s what i have heard from many people, so i will stay away from it :smiley:.

Nothing wrong with making a different thread for Call of Duty 1 and a different thread for Call of Duty 2 etc, it’s two different games, therefore they are not duplicates.


Only reason why I decided to get BO3 was the zombies, and boy they delivered that! :open_hands:Best part about the BO series (except the first game) :smile:

Look forward to WW2 Nazi Zombies!


Yeah, @SnakeGun and I have been playing it pretty steadily the past couple months, really enjoyable zombies mode.


Yeah I noticed :open_hands: We should play it some time soon


I mostly play the zombies mode, but if anyone feels like adding me on PSN, my name is STEVEORSOMTHING. Also I made a thread for CoD Zombies if anyone wants to discuss it there.


Nazi Zombies!! don’t get me started, this will be one of the best features of the new code I’m sure!

I will give you an add bud :+1: