Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Black Ops 4 is arriving 12th October.

Thoughts and opinions on another Blops IP.


I think i’m done with COD Black Ops, i didn’t play COD BO 3, because people said the story was bad and COD is heavily focused on multiplayer, so it have short single player campaign, it’s not worth 600,- NOK for me, since i don’t play multiplayer.


Personally I only play the Treyarch games mostly for Zombies. So yes,I will be picking this one up.
I don’t care much for the story in these games, and the multiplayer is more of an extra thing for me to enjoy, but I tend to focus on Zombies.


Blops 3 had a strange story and you would have to either be listening really close, be wise to it or play it a few times to end up realising the whole story. If you take the story at face value, it makes very little sense but when you fully understand what happened, it makes sense… and is quite clever, and makes you feel the effort you put in is pointless lol.

Typical Story

Basically, the first mission goes wrong, your arm is ripped off by a robot. You undergo a medical operation in the CyberOps Unit and your sergeant (Hendricks) volunteered to do it as well in guilt. You both get enrolled into the CyberOps Program, where you have robot arms and super human abilities, as part of the program, you get a DNI planted into your brain. It’s a system that links everyone in the program so you can communicate efficiently. You train with it, you do missions, you find out the original Cyber Ops team (their leader is called Taylor) are now traitors and you need to kill them.

As the story progresses, your DNI malfunctions and gets worse. It has a “virus” and is self aware, slowly controlling the brain of anyone who has the DNI implant, the infected users start showing symptoms, talking about a “frozen forest”. You find out the original tests of the DNI were done illegally in Singapore, kidnapping innocents to test on with. The doctors there said to the “patients” about the “frozen forest” to help them calm down during traumatic events with the new, unstable DNI. All the trauma and pain and sorrow of the people have been stored in the software of the DNI, which created the “virus” called Corvus. Corvus wants to help people as all it knows is death and pain and believes that finding the “frozen forest” is the only way as it’s been only thing that calmed people down. The experiment caused a meltdown and 300k people died of the event. By the time you get there, it’s all flooded and destroyed.

You do missions, killing one by one of the Original team and you’re getting worse, shouting about forests and stuff, start seeing zombies and other random shit because your mind is getting fried. By the time you catch up with Taylor (the leader), he has gone fully and just controlled by Corvus. Hendricks is 95% gone and you kill Taylor. However Corvus just manages to survive by taking over Hendricks now so you go after him back at the very place you got the operation.

You catch up with him… or Corvus whatever you want to call him now, he has a guy hostage. He’s the director of the whole DNI experiment. Corvus is effectively trying to kill anyone who caused all the suffering. They moved the illegal experiments here. Corvus/Hendricks kills the director, you shoot Hendricks/Corvus and then yourself.

You end up in a utopia within the DNI system, which is a frozen, snowy forest where Corvus explains to you that it has made a place in the system for you to live in within the DNI forever. You’re like “fuck this shit” start shooting up everything and everyone, and begin to destroy the “Heart” of the Forest. When you do, you “wake” up to see you hit the purge DNI in the experiment room and stumble out the building. A soldier greets you and asks you your name and you say… “Taylor”.

That is the story 90% of the gamers know it as and it’s pretty straightforward but ultimately makes no sense whatsoever. Because that isn’t the story at all…

Basically the fast scrolling text at the start explains the truth, the characters emotions to each other are unusual in the current timeline of events. Certain characters are introducing themselves to each other even though they have already met.


Couldn’t agree more!
The single player part is downright awfull in the latest instalments!
I usually play through the story once, but I haven’t even been inside of the single player menu in Black Ops 3 :joy:

Zombies is the only good part of COD! So I’ll most likely get it for that reason


I’m so so sick of the futuristic COD. I think I will keep up with ww2 and for once won’t even bother with this one if they have double jumps and space jets.


Oh what is this…

COD marketing is with the NBA playoffs. Even more likely then
WWII - April 26
Infinite Warfare - May 2
Black Ops 3 - April 27
Advanced Warfare - May 1
Ghosts - May 21 (a bit later in May, shown during the Xbox One reveal)

There’s what looks like a Treyarch logo on the side too.


So Battlefield goes with Roman Numerals, and COD now goes with Caveman Numerals.


If Black Ops 4 goes the same way Black Ops 3 did, I might have a bit of conflict. I mean sure, Black Ops 3 was absolutely great and about just as good as BO2 and all of the Modern Warfare Games (not including MWR), but the exclusive weapons behind supply drops and the stupid unbalance between the guns in multiplayer ruined a lot of the experience. I’m still playing it to this day and still to this day I complain about… let’s see…

Oh boy
  • VMPs
  • Breccis
  • Man-O-Wars
  • M8A7s
  • Kudas
  • DIY 11 Renovators
  • XMCs
  • Olympias
  • Melee Weapons
  • Gravity Spikes
  • KRMs
  • Arguses
  • Haymakers
  • Peacekeepers (because I want them and I never get the chance to pick them up, this is just something personally annoying to me and this should only be taken as a joke okseeyoulaterbye)
  • Snipers
  • Dingoes
  • BRMs
  • Gorgons
  • Marshals
  • 1911s
  • Launchers
  • D13 Sectors

But yeah, I’ll probably buy it because I’m running out of options for good games. Heck, I started to get bored of Hitman, and heck I grinded and got every single trophy for Hitman (not including PZ Trophies, if there even is any).


It’s real


NO, cant even do the roman numerals right XD This franchise is just a money hungry milk churner.


I donn’t think I’ve ever seen a franchise number their games by Tally marks…


Jason Blundell Zombies though :wink:


Nah, only when it hits 4 or 5, they typically go to roman numerals.

My concern is that this releases 1 week before RDR2.

Welp. A week to plat BO4.


Ohh. Looks like I have some choices to make Then.




I so disappointed. So they did good turning back to ww2 and now they are jumping again to futuristic shit?
It’s probable I’m going to pass this one


WW2 is nothing standout at all. In fact the gameplay is pretty much the same, just without jetpacks.

I’d take a solid Black Ops game over WW2 any day.


Wait I don’t think they confirmed it takes place in the future? Although seeing as how it’s a Black Ops Sequel, I guess it’s safe to assume.


What did you want them to do? Announce “Call of Duty: Civil War”? “Call of Duty: Napoleonic Wars”?