Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Something with no jetpacks.


I’m with the guys who wanted to see a GHOSTS 2. If the DIVISION can get a second chance why not Ghosts?

Yes I know the Dog gimmick came and went, well they can build a new gimmick around more animal pets… Just no jet packs right? :slight_smile:


I guess it’s not fair to judge since I never played it but Ghosts always looked really bottom of the barrel imo.
From what I heard they even reused a cutscene from one of the MW games, just changed the characters. It felt like a lazy cash grab, which is saying something for a series built on lazy cash grabs.


Infinity Ward always re-use assets.

This shows the re-use between Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 3.

As to what I liked in GHOSTS. At the time, I think it was the most graphically impressive military FPS at the time. It played remarkably well (which is expected for COD). Ultra smooth controls. Very well balanced weapons overall, you had pistol-knifers, and Honey Badger guys, and Scoped Silenced Machine Gun snipers… and that type of load out and weapon customization was on top of a skill based customization that allowed you to essentially build your own class.

So that was fun for me.

And the dog… good times with the dog. :smiley:


This could easily be a tweet from me, i’m looking more forward to the next Metro game than Battlefield and COD :blush:.


I played BOPS 3 and enjoyed the multiplayer for the most part (managed to master prestige) zombies was good as well, however I couldn’t stand this jumping around and wall riding rubbish which was rumoured not to be in the next black ops, however no mention of this as of yet. Ill still buy it and play the hell out of it though like I have with WWII


I always rent the COD games, as the campaign is a little bit fun but not worth replaying. And zombies and multiplayer are good for a few nights, then get old very quickly.


AI Fish Version 2.0!


Never got the chance to play Black Ops 3, but BO2 was my favourite story and BO1 my favourite multiplayer.


They wants so bad to be edgy with that logo or what


My reactions to all the zombies trailers.





inB4 “not another battle royale mode” :laughing:… there’s only 4 games that i know of currently doing it, PUBG, fortnite, H1Z1, and that cliffy B radical heights one which is in extremely early beta…

while i’m looking forward to trying H1Z1 on PS4 ( my first venture into the genre outside of the meh PUBG mobile one), my guess is the CoD version will be a decent entry for fans of the genre… you don’t have to like the mode, but it’s still in it’s infant stages of saturation lol… plus they didn’t really say much about it yet…

in other news, i really only liked the single player aspect of CoD, the only online i ever got into was the very first one on PC, with the united offensive add on… online shooters like this were never my thing, but the campaigns were always epic to me… shame they’re ditching it, but then again, it’s been a while since i’ve played one, so i am definitely out of the loop with this franchise :joy:


The multiplayer gameplay is basically the same as BO3. Same weapons,same supers,same specialists,same weapons with different skins and names,same graphics…after the burning disappointment of WW2 (which I should have seen coming as it was made by Sledgehammer) imma skip this one boys. Which is kinda sad,since I’ve played all the BOs


What is Battle Royale? I keep hearing about this mode.


Same as Fortnite, like a large map were you get dropped in with 100 other players (is in fortnite not confirmed for BO4) you have to find guns/loot/items and the map gets smaller enclosing the players in and it’s last team/player wins

On the upside the multiplayer looks good, however lots of similarities to BO3 but I like the look of the new features


ya’ll really excited for this BS?


I really only play zombies. While I find all the other features to be typical CoD, Treyarch’s Zombie mode is literally the biggest reason on why get these games in the first place.
I will admit however that the lack of a single player story is extremely disappointing as Treyarch typically write the better stories for the franchise.
I really don’t bother with the other studios.


Anyone pre-order to get access to the Beta?


I actually pre-ordered this as well as Red Dead yesterday.


Good man, believe the Beta’s supposed to be out in August for PS4