Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


I have no doubts that this will be the most reliable, and no buggy Battle Royale game. But that’s not a big point considering a game shouldn’t be buggy on the first place and the games they are up against are all early access or F2P crap.

Same here. Completed every single one on Veteran/Realistic to this day. Now they remove the very thing that put them on the map. GG Activision. This issue is kids these days pay at least 400% more on average on a single game than we did.

Evidence? I sell the shitty things every day.

  1. We never had this bollocks cut content for Microtransactions
  2. The industry was trying to gain audience trust and fanbases for each of their game
  3. There was no technology to pull this shit.

With the basis kids pay 4x more, publishers can afford (well they could afford it anyways) to drop a significant portion of their player base - the single player people. The kids can pay for the missing people anyways and cutting off the single player audience because they know they are less likely to play for online crap so they are irrelevant in the publisher’s eyes. With the addition of saving dev costs, voice actors etc. They get more back.

This ^. It simply looks like an add-on map pack to BO3. I personally hate this Overwatch style supers/ultimates. It takes away the reward factor of people who put effort in. Back in the day, you had to get kills without dying to be rewarded with killstreaks to get more or tip the balance. When you did encountered an 1v1 (as in you come across 1 enemy during game, not 1v1 quickscopez) the win/loss of the fight scenario depended on your perks, weapons, attachments and player tactics to tip the balance in your favour.

Now with this bollocks ultimates, it’s an auto win feature, in which everyone has access too, over time even the noobest of players gets an ultimate. So chances are you’ll come across someone who has an ultimate ready and spams it on you and you can’t do a thing about it. It’s way harder to get killstreaks and get reward factor when everyone and their mother gets a free auto kill feature every minute or so.

And now they are returning this without changing the characters, meaning less realism and customisation. Having 10 of the same person in a game looks so stupid, only the robot makes sense.

Yup same here. But I feel they have been going downhill recently. Not one map on BO3 or 2 for that matter gave me as much impact as BO1 or World at war. They know that as they did Zombie chronicles and look how much success that achieved for old content.

Shit I forgot to print myself a beta code out lol


I had a few maps out of 2 and 3 that I loved nearly as much as the old ggames, the most obvious being Mob of the Dead. I will say that BO2 had a lot of stinkers on the list Tbh.
Idk if the battle royale will exactly be unbuggy (if that’s even a word), as both the multiplayer and zombies for BO3 started off as buggy messes.
I am a tad bit excited for it. From what I’ve heard they’re going to add old maps from multi and zombies, driveable vehicles, Zombies and much more. Not saying I’ll be playing this mode all day long but it would be pretty neat to try out.


There’s 4 zombie maps.

Pentagon map with WAW crew


By WaW crew you mean Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo correct?


Yup :slight_smile:


Anyone playing the BETA on PS4 next weekend fancy partying up?


I should hopefully be on. I’m not sure though. A bit busy.


Let me know if your on and fancy partying up mate


Stim shot is OP ad fuck lol


Are you playing it???


I was. Taking a break after raging at my team for being shit (we did win 3-0). But carrying is annoying lol :joy:


I thought it was 6pm GMT? whats it like man?


Typical COD. TTK is stupid, (there’s no HC in the beta), most of the guns are weak. SMGs are OP. The stim shot (the healing syringe) out heals your damage and the syringe recharges in a second lmao so it’s like near impossible to kill people if you have a sub par weapon. As soon as people get the habit to use the heal as soon as they are injured, no one will die lol. It needs to be changed so much haha.

Maps are okay actually. I use Recon specialist as he has quad NVGs ( I love them aha, my own pair are coming :stuck_out_tongue: ) and he can see through walls and shoot a proximity sensor (the same thing from snipers in BO1).

It’s fun but this and blackout to be the online aspect of COD is quite bad, especially with the price and Season Pass hostage bollocks. Zombies is my go to in Treyarch CODs anyways lol


That’s one of the aspects of the game I was wondering about the self heal, not working well atm then?

Typical start to a CoD beta though that is the weapons not being as they should be, ive preordered the pro edition which has set me back £109.99 from your gaff GAME waiting for you to stick your staff discount on it :rofl::wink::wink:

Zombies in the BETA?


Hell no man. It’s OP as fuck. I’m uploading a video of a few Play of the games and you’ll see in some of my longer clips, how bad it is :’)

20% discount bro as well :wink:

Unfortunately no :frowning:

Next beta drop in September will be Blackout beta though. Interested in seeing that. Oh and the game really laggy too.


Excuse my gameplay, haven’t played online since WWII for MP trophies lol


Ha, yes man let me have a look, I set mine to download this morning so by the time Ive finished work and been to the gym itll be ready for me to smash, PS4 have next weekend as well don’t we.

20% is bang on!

Ahh that’s a shame, not always been a zombie fan but ive played it in WWII and its good, few of my mates love the zombies and said that the Treyarch games always have the best zombie modes.

You seen the trailer for the blackout ? looks quality man, helicopters haha.

Is it right theres only 6 MP in the game at launch?


Gameplay looks awesome man! what gamemode you playing S&D?


Sweet, and yeah mate.

Yeah treyarch are hands down the best zombies devs. Providing Jason Blundell is at the helm lol.

Yeah it’s like BF in COD haha. Slightly sceptical as the last proper manned vehicle was in COD WaW lmao :joy: Been a while.

I think there’s 12, with 5 old maps remastered

Jungle - Black Ops
Slums - Black Ops 2
Summit - Black Ops
Firing Range - Black Ops
Nuketown - Black Ops

It’s called Control. Basically S&D instead of a bomb it’s 2 areas you need to capture like Hardpoint. And each team have about 30 lives to use, take turns in attacking and defending. And a timer for attacking team and the need to capture both points. Once a point is captured, the time increases and they do not need to worry about that point. It’s quite fun. I cannot play TDM, it bores me lol. I need some objective i the game.


Yes man I loved Jungle and firing range, what maps are in the beta?

Im glad they’ve changed the game modes up as well just what it needed, got a good feeling about this game already and I haven’t even sampled the beta lol, Im not a big TDM player, like dom and hardpoint, also war was a good mode from WWII but I think they’ve confirmed this isn’t returning in BO4