Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Siege multi is a training exercise


The whole game is. #BringBackPatriots




I’m not half as good as this. lol

The maps feel a bit congested to me btw. I get lost somewhat easily.


Aha. I don’t play COD multiplayer often. Only for the online trophies at every release and then that’s it. Till next year. Just trying to bring out the inner sweat again in preparation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to see what the trophy list is going to be as it’s Online only and does worry me a lot.

The maps are very maze like with corridors and stuff. Near useless for sniping.

Question: Is anyone else getting lag? Like rubberbanding, hitmarkers not registering? It’s happening every game for me and is really annoying.


I had a bit of lag while I was playing. I don’t know if I’ll play the Multi as much as past Treyarch games (Ironic seeing as how this is online only)

Think I’ll stick to Zombies and maybe dabble a bit in Battle Royale.


Same here, providing the trophies let me off the damned sweaty multiplayer


Who’s hitting the beta again in weekend 2?/


Aye. Gotta get to 40 for token haha


Haha same mate, I’m 23 ATM and I’ve planned absolutely nothing for this weekend! what rank did you get to?


I’m at 30. (I rank away from Cordite) Can’t wait to get it. Hopefully they didn’t nerf it too much as they said they have changed SMGs including my baby haha.

MX9 is poo now as well.


I cant wait to get my hands on that either and the rampant (or whatever its called)

I haven’t used the MX9 much preferred the GKS

Hit me up again over the weekend though bro


Oh Rampart 17, yeah that’s good and they haven’t touched it… yet lol. MX9 was one of the best overall SMGs in the game lol. And it has the armour piercing rounds which beats that OP Armour perk.

And will do definitely :slight_smile:


Itz ya boi JJ, back at it again with the l33t montage kill streaks.

@Jamy47 MX9 OP Race :wink:


Haha doing bits mate! not sure how you use that optic though!!


Ahah cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

Love holographc sights man, got one for my airsoft P90. The only thing I can ADS while being colourblind :joy:

Red Dot Sights blend into the environment for me so it’s like it’s not turned on. I really miss the colour customisation of your dot sights in BO1. The one time I could actually successfully see through a RDS… well yellow dot sight lol


Ahh right man! doesn’t the game have a colour blind setting? or is that just for the main colours of the background etc.?

Never been able to use the holographic, although they’ve introduced some different optics into BO4 and not just the standard 2 or 3.


It just changes the name tags and minimap icons. Everything else stays the same :frowning:

And yeah there the ELO sight from B03? I like that too.


Yeahhh ELO was good, the shotguns are growing on me too, glad they’ve been bought back as secondaries.


There’s an attachment that makes it OHK again lol