Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Didn’t get to play one game this weekend man! haha had an offer we couldn’t refuse on a weekend away so me and the mrs went last minute! did you manage to get level 40?


Haha no problem man. Hope you had a great time :slight_smile:

And yeah. They increased the cap 1 day before it closed and chucked on 2XP. There’s this game mode called Heist and it’s basically CS:GO. You earn money and purchase weapons and perks and attachments. It’s really tactical and fun to play every game. 1 live per round too. There’s part of the Battle Royale mechanics in there too as you can purchase different level armours and you go down instead of dead straight away and you crawl away to get a revive.

They also added a new map Hacienda - Probably my favourite map. I run pistols only on there.


Wow totally forgot the Beta this weekend. Silly me. These maps do look more fun though.


Yes mate very good thank you!

Few mates also told me about the heist mode, sounds sick! looking forward to playing this, glad they’ve added something new to the MP to spice it up a bit, Hacienda looks good also! tearing it up with the pistols as well man!


not really into Call of Duty so I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this one

I’m into Battle Royale and team based multiplayer games, but call of duty has always been on a weird status for me.

tbh, only thing im going to like in bo4 is battle royale. it looks interesting and it’ll definitely be a good break from fortnite.

not so excited for multiplayer and zombies though. I used to like campaign but… now its gone so there’s not much to do.


You should try the Blackout (which is the Battle Royale aspect to BO4) BETA, its coming on the 10th of September I believe, well worth a try if you can get a code.


Blundell Royale

Vehicles (Truck, ATV, Boat & Heli)

80 Players in the Battle Royale


Blackout is Live


What you think man? It’s sick! Loads better than Fortnite and H1Z1 haha I’m loving it! You on?


I really like it as it’s actually a non buggy Battle Royale. There are a few issues, being wingsuit height requirement, holding Square to pick up ammo and loot is tedious. But yeah it’s really good. Love the easter eggs and zombies added. In Verruckt you can active Lullaby for a Dead Man in there as usual. The little additions is really fun to find.

And yeah I’m on, just popping on GTA to claim money and will be back on it for a little while.

Mystery Box

Ray Gun

Yeah Boi


Yeah man they’ve already said they’re going to address the way you pick loot up, it’s annoying as hell atm, yeah the zombies features are quality not seen the ray gun myself yet! The helicopters are quality as well :joy:


For anyone wanting to try Blackout (battle royale mode) BO4 I have x4 Beta codes for PS4


Could use someone to play with. Kinda sick of randoms and I suck enough already. lol PM me if you wanna goof around.
I’m on PS4


Add me on PS4 man JaM_47 I play with JJ on here as well, i’ll be on tonight your UK right?


I’m from the US actually. lol I’ll be on later as well. Fair warning though, I suck. haha


Been getting problems with lag recently. :frowning: Wasn’t an issue when I started playing, it was running buttery smooth.


I accepted your friend request mate, I came offline not long after ill be on tonight from around 6pm GMT if your on ill hit you up!

We had spells of lag last night didn’t last long though


Today’s the day :clap: who’s picking a copy up today?


Waiting :wink:


Itz ya boi JJ with a cosplay