Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Didn’t get to play one game this weekend man! haha had an offer we couldn’t refuse on a weekend away so me and the mrs went last minute! did you manage to get level 40?


Haha no problem man. Hope you had a great time :slight_smile:

And yeah. They increased the cap 1 day before it closed and chucked on 2XP. There’s this game mode called Heist and it’s basically CS:GO. You earn money and purchase weapons and perks and attachments. It’s really tactical and fun to play every game. 1 live per round too. There’s part of the Battle Royale mechanics in there too as you can purchase different level armours and you go down instead of dead straight away and you crawl away to get a revive.

They also added a new map Hacienda - Probably my favourite map. I run pistols only on there.


Wow totally forgot the Beta this weekend. Silly me. These maps do look more fun though.


Yes mate very good thank you!

Few mates also told me about the heist mode, sounds sick! looking forward to playing this, glad they’ve added something new to the MP to spice it up a bit, Hacienda looks good also! tearing it up with the pistols as well man!