Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (25/10)

So there’s been a few subtle hints this week from various official Call of Duty Twitter accounts, the main one being them change their display picture to the Modern Warfare font.

It’s highly anticipated that the first bit of information on the upcoming title will be released very soon (hopefully by the end of this week)

I absolutely needed to make this post on here as I know there’s a few CoD fans on here and I’d much prefer to discuss it on here than on Reddit.

Reading further, Eurogamer claim the reveal could be tomorrow;

Reveal confirmed today;


I’m only here for the story. Multiplayer died years ago imo

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MW campaign was the best of any CoD same as the MW2 & MW3 multiplayer !!

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As long as it has Blackout or something similar I’m in. But then again, I bought every COD since Blackops 1

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I’ve heard its a few different stories regarding a battle royale mode, some say it will some say it wont, but who know’s I agree with you though, I really enjoy Blackout so I’m hoping it has a BR mode.

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I’m sure it has. I think there are more people on Blackout than in multiplayer. For once they really did something good.

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I’m actually so over CoD at this point that I could vomit.

I bought Black Ops 4 for Blackout. That’s it. Haven’t bought any of the other games for years.


For me, MW1 and BO1 are top tier. MW2 was bogged down trying to one up everything all the time with references to films. Everything else is just a slurry pit of garbage.

I’m talking the story/campaign, btw.

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I played the shit out of MW2 and MW3 loved those games, got back into CoD half way through BO3, didn’t bother then until WWII and BO4 for me it’s a social thing, there’s 4/5 of us that get it every year. I enjoy the gameplay too.

One thing that is destroying it is the greed from activision with the MTX but we’ll see how this pans out in the next one.

@doom-generation BO1 and all the MW’s had the best campaign I can’t comment on the rest.

I just loved the multiplayer on the MW games, pure nostalgia.

I hope it doesn’t have battle royale. IMHO battle royale is a really lazy way developers can garuntee sales. 90% of battle royales are repetitive as fuck, completely unoriginal, or just plain boring. Ive never liked the genre as I look for a game that has more than just “shooting people”

Nothing against anyone who does enjoy BR, just my opinion


CoD4 singleplayer was an apotheosis of gameplay. MW2 and MW3 were kinda good with that aspect, BO and BO2 tho…

Hopefully we’ll find out a bit more info later today, they’ve confirmed a reveal for 6pm GMT!!

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was going to say it would be cool if we were playing as the bad guys, then I realised we are

I really hope this game isn’t the same military-glorifying shite we always get but the trailer tells me it will be, lame. will probably skip on this

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Modern Warfare games are the best Call Of Duty games ever made, and the only ones that i actually bought and got interested into.

The story was so thrilling, the effects and animations were amazing, a stunning and EPIC trilogy :ok_hand:

That comeback looks great, if they don’t screw this up i might buy it :+1:

Btw is that a reboot or a whole new story?

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Oh my god! What were we just saying about MW1 being the best?! But is this a remake or reboot or what?

I’m guessing reboot as we got a shot on the streets on LAHNDAN!

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Apparently it’s not a prequel or anything (not sure how that will work) but it’s a brand new Modern Warfare.



As long as the multiplayer is like MW2 I’m sold. Hopefully they put all their resources into the multiplayer. Screw the singleplayer
If I want singleplayer stuff I just play Last of us or some other shit.

I feel completely the opposite. The single player has been neglected for years and years. Time to put things right.


It needs to have a good balance, I agree with @doom-generation the single player has been massively neglected, black ops 4 didn’t even have a single player campaign, however they also need to make sure the multiplayer is as good as it was in MW2 & 3 that’s why they were so popular.