Campaign missions says get access 2020

jan 9 2020 - installed hitman 2 standard on xbox one x and cant play any campaign missions, only first. paid $59.99 for this from xbox store. ive reinstalled 2x and unplugged and restarted my xbox from a hard boot. please help. thank you.
(edit) just noticed the xbox store has this game showing as 2 tabs/selections in the store on the xbox dashboard. one shows the missions included in it with the purchase and the other shows the expansion pass available only. im thinking i clicked and purchased the left one (tab) that has the expansion pass listed underneath it and might be why i cant play anything but the first mission BUT IT DID CHARGE ME $59.99. im so confused why they would have 2 of the same game listed like that.

i even uninstalled hitman 1 and anything else having to do with hitman from my storage.

After uninstalling both hitman games and all DLC content and reinstalling, BOTH hitman 1 and 2 now tell me to get access for any campaign missions to play them.

Bro it’s a Xbos Sotre issue nothing related to IO go the the Microsoft support