Can HITMAN 2 keep my process and unlock items in HITMAN 1?

I am playing H1 GOTY, summer sale is coming, I will buy H2 and hitman legacy pack is free if owned H1 GOTY. But I still do not know HITMAN 2 can keep my process and unlock items in HITMAN 1? By the way, in H2,can I play all ET to unlock all suit? Thanks

Your progress in HITMAN 2016 won’t be transfered to HITMAN 2, but will remain untouched in that game.
You will need to unlock and achieve everything in HITMAN 2 from the very scratch.

Starting from 11th of June we’ll have the very final Elusive Target for HITMAN 2, in Miami - Undying Returns.
By launching it you will obtain Lil’ Flashy. This is a blinding and noisy gadget in a shape of a robot.
By completing this Elusive Target you’ll get Miami suit with gloves.

But you’re late to the party for all the rest Elusive Target kills and suits.
Now you’ll have to wait till HITMAN 3 drops and then get everything in there.
But we don’t know yet when it’s happening


I hope suits are not linked to elusive targets in Hitman 3. I liked the way they did it in Hitman 2 towards the end with challenges linked to certain suits.

Personally I don’t think something will be changed in that system, but we’ll see

Well I remember the forum being overjoyed with the way we unlocked the mumbai suit. Royal suit? I forgot what its called.

Imperial Classic with gloves

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