Can I synchronize my game profile via IOI account?

I have played Hitman on Xbox one but it is going to leave Xbox game pass at end fo this month. So I purchased a steam version, but the profile is different now. Is there any way to transfer my Xbox profile to steam version? They both linked to my IOI account


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I’m pretty sure that if it leaves game pass you will still have ownership as long as you don’t delete it but I’m not sure. Besides how far have you played through the game? If you haven’t played that much of it just start over but if you lost a lot just move in to Hitman 2 and you will get the legacy pack in there for free. Be sure to make the most of your purchase—play the hell out of 2016 but if you’ll ever use the legacy pack in Hitman 2 you need to start all over

xbox game pass actually allows me play hitman 1 content via hitman 2. My progression was made in 2. I finished about half of the Hitman 1 story mode with all challenges. Is that a lot of progression considering I have both 1 AND 2 on steam now.

I would continue to play on console—if you’ve redeemed all the legacy stuff you can just delete season 1–which is what I did—and you’ll still have all of your progress and such. You might be able to refund on steam but if you’ve made that much progress on console, play on console. And for sure get H2 later it’s way better