Can i transfer my progress from pc to ps4?

can i transfer my progress from pc to ps4

We don’t know about it yet, but I doubt it will be possible. But IOI said PC players can carry over their progress from Steam to Epic, which means maybe there could be a possibility.

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Most likely no, you can’t transfer things between different platforms

This is only about PC players and only about one platform. I wouldn’t make any conclusions about some possibilities basing on this statement

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Man can dream, right?

In this case it’s blowing hope in almost impossible thing

When it comes to Steam?

HITMAN 3 will be available on Steam in January 2022.

If you’re asking about cross-platform carryover, there isn’t any information about it. Travis teased at the previous IOI Monthly that there was some consideration about people that are in particular circumstances, such as switching the platform or something, but don’t get too excited about it because there wasn’t any direct confirmation.

I’d love to be able to transfer progress across platforms. I’ve got hundreds of hours’ progress in H1 and H2 on PS4 but I’m going with Xbox Series X next gen. Even if it meant rebuying the Legacy packs, it would be great if the IOI account could be used to retain unlocks and progress.

I’m not expecting it to happen… just saying it would be great if there was some way it could.