Can someone help me? - “Explore Marrakesh” Challenge Problem


I want to complete every challenge in the game, so I’m currently playing the Legacy Pack levels.
I’m in Marrakesh and I want to complete the “Explore Marrakesh” challenge; it requires you to find every hidden location in this level.
I know that the in-game map helps you with a specific icon that marks the unexplored locations, so I went in every place shown by the map. At the end I opened the challenge and I read “22/23 location explored”, but the map has no more unexplored place icons on it. Where is the last place I need? Why the map doesn’t show it? Is that a bug?


Try to run over the every corner of the map again.
For me personally couple of Explore challenges popped up even earlier than it should be.
E.g. challenge says 47 parts, but there are couple more unexplored parts left on the map. Overall it should be up to 52-55 parts, but only 47 required. It was weird for me


I tried to do what you advised me, I went to every corner, but the mission counter is still blocked on 22.


There is something wrong with the counter. Many are having an issue with the maps discovery. The devs are notified because ive seen many reports of people saying they sent their reports so we will prob get an update/info on the patch this week, just do some other stuff and let it rest until we get more info