Can someone help me?

Apparently someone thinks I’m a guy named “Immadummee?” Not sure if I spelled that correctly. At least thats the way I understood it. Someone (A moderator, I’m guessing) sent a message saying I have one chance to stop starting trouble? Can someone explain what’s going on? I’m not seeing what I’ve done wrong… I’m really really confused. Can someone enlighten me?

Who sent the message?

A member named Watson. I think he’s mistaken me for someone else. Overall, I’m confused and kind of saddened that I may get this shut down for no reason.

Apparently after doing some research, he was a guy that was on the forum. It appears he’s been suspended for creating dupe accounts before. I don’t know what I said that could’ve been similar to a guy who’s banned here.

Explain to the mod that your not him. It sucks that you have to do that but I would recommend that if I was in your shoes.

I sent him a message. Apparently this guy he’s mistaken me for has been until like 2042 or something. Doubt the mod will believe me considering the guy has probably created dozens of troll accounts and tried to talk his way out like this.

Nope. immadummee often makes it painfully obvious that it’s him because he gets a kick out of being banned apparently (except for his latest alt but let’s not go too deep into that)


Since you haven’t hated on speedrunners or made any other troll posts, I don’t see any similarities with imadummee.

Probably just a misunderstanding.


The guy thinks I’m the same troll. I have no clue why.
I’m starting to feel bad knowing I’m being compared to a troll, though.

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Not sure why Watson would think that. You’re definitely not Dummee. Perhaps it’s an IP address similarity?

It could be your name. Immadumme makes random letters his name so the mod might’ve just looked at your name and assumed you were the same.

Hahahahahaha. Bradley Steven Onstott. That’s what the letters stand for. I just didn’t want people stalking me.


I can spot Immadummee’s stinking persona a mile off, and you aren’t him.


We’ve decided to give you once chance to remain on the forum provided you don’t cause any of the usual trouble; which is what you’ve demonstrated so far with this account.

Let’s keep it that way. Thanks.

Here’s the direct quote.

I’ll be honest when you first joined I thought you were trolling. You made what seemed multiple posts in multiple threads about Christian Bale and they didn’t add anything to the conversation.

Many are all too untrusting unfortunately due to the recent shitposting and trolling.

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Okay, I could see where you’d get that. Yeah…Thank God I learned to stop that. I hadn’t had a hold on the whole “forum” thing though. I’m better about it now…

Many of the threads I posted that to were easter egg/reference threads. But yeah, I can see where you can get that.

Have you PM’d Watson asking him why you’re accused and explained that you’re not him if so?

Yeah. No response yet…

Hopefully he’ll get back to you and it’ll be corrected.

Wait… there’s a way to turn back Suspicion?
Oh… never mind. :stuck_out_tongue: