Can someone please help me

I did firs buy the free edition of hitman2 an a bit later i desidet to buy the expansion pass but i dint have the full version of hitman and i didn even recievt haf of the things i should get is this because i didn have the full version of hitman2 ?

I wonder why you would buy the expansion before the main game.


You can’t upgrade the demo version of the game.
To get all the things that Expansion Pass offers, you should buy at least Standard Edition.
Standard + Expansion Pass will equal to Gold Edition


The Expansion is broken into two models that I am aware of, Silver and Gold. Silver nets you 1 extra sandbox level, and 1 extra sniper assassin map. The Gold version nets you 2 extra Sandbox levels, and 2 extra sniper assassin maps.

That being said, the Expansion pass is an add on for the FULL GAME, not the demo. So it is recommended to upgrade from the Demo to the full game by purchasing HITMAN 2 from the store of your choice. Once you have that your purchase of the expansion should automatically work, if you got the silver and want to upgrade to the gold I believe there is an option to upgrade to gold if that is the case.


Expansion Pass as it is exists in one copy.
It can upgrade any version of the game to Gold (the very full version of the game).

There are three versions of the game:
Standard Edition
Silver Edition
Gold Edition

If you own Standard or Silver versions and buy Expansion Pass, you get Gold version from this.
If you already own Gold, buying Expansion Pass is pointless as it’s already included in Gold Edition

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You can’t buy the expansion without owning standard. Anything else you need to know about versions can be found here:


If one can’t buy Expansion Pass without owning a game, how could @dovamalu buy it?
He writes that he already bought it

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He also says he “bought the free version”

If I had to guess, he’s naming incorrect packages. He very likely purchased Gold and not the Expansion Pass and is now wondering why he is “missing half the game” which is likely the Legacy Pack locations.

I do know from experience that you can not purchase “Only the Expansion Pass” if all you own is (any of) the Starter Packs (whether it’s the free starter pack or any of the single-location adds ons like “Miami Pack”)

I’ve been non stop answering these questions for over a year now (on steam forums) and the number one problem with confused people is they don’t use the correct names for the specific packs that they actually mean to be talking about. I try to answer the question as best I can and then link the guide for any further answers. I’ve literally answered versions of this question 1000’s of times in the past year.

I wrote the guide the first week the game released and have updated it with every store page change to reflect package names and DLC listed (the store page was frequently a mess with incorrect images, links and display order of content).

There are some weeks where I think I spend more time giving instructions to people on how to buy the game than I do actually playing the game. The steam forums are full of people confused by topics like this.

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Xbox probably.

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Thanks for the help everyone