Can’t access 2 DLC maps

i can’t access Whittleton Creek or isle of Sgail

I have all the DLCs (I think) on my standard Hitman 2. However, I can’t access the 2 maps in the title. I’ve seen some responses to the question before, and so i went to my game add-ons, and it already said the 2 maps were installed. And I’ve waited a few weeks to see if it’ll fix itself but I still can’t access the locations.

Does anyone know why this is? Am I being dumb?

Ps. I’m on xbox also if this helps

Hello Gilomonster1911. Quite the name. Anyway, sometimes it’s just weird. I had a couple of things where I could not get all the maps for no apparent reason and it did just fix itself. Another time I completely removed everything from the Xbox, reinstalled it and it fixed itself. Other people like @Franz had a hell of a time.

Please post in the official bug report forum, it’s here.


There was a report that a total cleanup of a hard drive fixed the issue