Can´t connect to Hitman servers

Can´t connect to Hitman servers

I can’t swim. What’s next?

I mean for this kind of reports you need to provide more details if you want help.
At least specify what platform are you on.
Would be good if you specify what exact game you having trouble with: HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 2?
Could you connect to the servers before?
When your unability of connection started happening?
Did you try to reboot your router after it began happenning?
Have you tried to launch the game a little later?
What will happen if you try to connect at this very moment?

According to all servers are up and running, so no probrems should exist. At least on game’s side.
If you still can’t connect to game servers, you need to search for the reason on your side.
I for example can connect to the servers without any problems.
If it was a game problem, nobody could connect, including me.

So provide more additional info and try to reboot your router for the start