Can’t Play Situs Inversus or Patient Zero

Hey there :slight_smile: I just bought Hitman the Definitive Edition (used) and downloaded everything including Hokkaido and Patient Zero. However, when I try to access the campaigns, it’s telling me that they aren’t available. I’ve check my DL list, and it shows them as installed. Please help, as I desperately want to finish the game!

Ouch. Yeah, he explained it better than I would have.

I think the GOTY edition has everything though.

it’s because there wasn’t enough space on the disk

Try reading the initial post again. They have downloaded Hokkaido and Patient Zero (and it also shows in their download list), so the code was unused with the preowned copy for whatever reason.

So that stupid video from MrFreeze has no relevance whatsoever.

Thank you for trying. I sincerely appreciate it. The code was already used, but you are able to redownload the GOTY edition from the store. However, even though it lets you, it never shows up as accessible in my mission list. Kind of ridiculous why they did that. But thank you for the info :slight_smile:

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