Can´t start the game

Hello. I have a problem. My game crashes after I click play on the launcher. It goes black for around 3 or 5 seconds and then I’m back on my desktop. I’m sitting here for almost 3 hours but I cant find an answer. I already did everything from the internet. I don’t have Razer Chroma and I already updated all of my driver. Maybe someone of you can help me. Thanks.

Try to set DX12 in game launcher settings

If I go in settings, the launcher closes immediately

What Windows Event Viewer says about this situation?
Open it and go to Windows Logs -> Application.
There you can find bunch of records.
You have to search for Errors. Search HITMAN2.exe mention in those Error records.
When you find the latest one, post the error text or screenshot here.

Also it might be that your system can’t handle HITMAN 2 game for whatever reason.
If that’s true in your case, you better do a refund first and then upgrade your system

2nd and 8th line: RzChromaSDK64.dll
So you have some Chroma shit onboard.
Maybe this is some software? Uninstall it, reboot your PC and try again


okay, i will do it thanks


same here and can’t find any solution guys please help

As already said, uninstall any Razor software or use guides in Hardware’s post.

This should help

Thanks so much! This worked, but I had to uninstall the whole thing.