Can we get acknowledgement of bugged trophies/achievements, IO?

The amount of people reporting bugged trophies/achievements is significant to say the least. Can we at least have IO confirm that they are aware of the issues and are working to solve them? Or even say they can’t be fixed if that’s the case. It feels like we’re all speaking into the void, and the “Known Issues” thread hasn’t been updated in 11 days… I know they must be up to their eyeballs right now, but this is a significant issue that needs to be communicated to their paying customers.

I’ve stopped playing this fantastic game due to these frustrating trophy bugs. I really want to get back in, and finish playing the product I paid good money for, but I won’t be playing until the trophy bugs are at the very least acknowledged. Again, just say they aren’t fixable if that’s the case, but we need to hear something.


Can’t agree more. I am playing the game with an alternate account just for this reason, with all the bugs reported I don’t want to risk missing out on trophies or unable to achieve platinum with my main account. Also not very confident about the carryover process being a one time only thing…

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I’m with you on this. I’d have the platinum if it weren’t for shortcut killer not unlocking. I get IO is busy but at least we could get a yah or nah on what’s up.

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Io has updated with knowing that some trophies are bugged.

For me personal is the rich harvest all mission stories in Mendoza.

And I’ve not yet completed the level 20 progression on that destination for the fear that that trophy is bugged too… only those 2 left for platinum.

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Nice, I just saw that they updated the Known Issues thread. At least we have some acknowledgment now! Chongqing level 20 mastery got bugged for me, and it really took the wind out of my sails. I don’t want any others to get bugged along the way to the platinum.

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