Can we get the details on the new rating system?

What exactly defines the new ratings? I’ve concluded that Traceless is top dog, with Phantom, Clean and Stealth closely following. However I have no idea how to specifically target any of these ratings. Some developer insight code junkie help would be fantastic. Thanks

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You mean “Traceless”, right? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Although Tasteless is quite accurate for some of the massacres that occur when shit hits the fan…


Oh, my 47 definitely has no taste…


Hard agree


Here, with the caveat being that some entries are blank due to lack of info or reproduceablility.

So yes, IOI, please give us the info!


The information there is a rough guide, but contains errors, especially with the higher tier ratings. Also yes Traceless lol

I thought it was Stealth ICA Assassin to be fair, but I don’t definitely know?

Personally, it would be easier for the Silent Assassin rating to be added into Freelancer to be fair. I know that was a topic of discussion prior to launch as well.

From my understanding, SA isn’t the top rating. Traceless appears to be SA, but with little to no interaction with the level, ie sniping someone SA with 0 distractions, 0 kos etc.

My issue is nailing what exactly defines each rating. I assume each action we may take +/- a numerical value, and this value is what gives our rating at level completion. I just need the values lmao

Traceless Ica Assassin - Unfound Accident Explosion
Traceless Ica Assassin - Emetic (Non Target) + Neck Snap

Clean Ica Assassin - Found Accident (Push)
Clean Ica Assassin - Found Accident (Emetic > Fire)
Clean Ica Assassin - Found Accident (Emetic >FO)

Phantom Ica Assassin - Emetic + Ballistic (Unfound)
Phantom Ica Assassin - Found Accident Explosion

Stealth Ica Assassin - Unfound dirty KO
Stealth Ica Assassin - Unfound clean KO
Stealth Ica Assassin - Woken clean KO
Stealth Ica Assassin - 2x Woken clean KO + 1 found accident (push)
Stealth Ica Assassin - 1x Woken KO + Found Accident Explosion

Shadow Ica Assassin - 3 x Body Found SA (2x Accident KO, Accident Explosion Kill)
Shadow Ica Assassin - 1 witnessed CLEAN KO in water (The npc death being witnessed seems to be what changes the rating here, as a corpse discovered doesnt trigger ‘shadow’ rating)


Shadow Ica Assassin - Found dirty KO/ Kill

Professional Ica Assassin - Recorded (Otherwise SA)

Skillful Ica Assassin - Spotted (Otherwise SA)

Headhunting Assassin - Recorded + spotted by target (Confirming spotted by target has some effect on ratings other than SA)

Everything Else

This is my notes from yesterday. For a portion of my stream (Twitch), I recorded different combinations of in game actions and the ratings I achieved. Here’s what I got. My belief is that these are in the ‘correct’ order, and that SA doesnt actually fit in with this rating system, as it falls right between 2 possible outcomes that both result in ‘Shadow ICA Assassin’. Take this all with a pinch of salt, of course.

Also to note, these were all tested once only, and therefore outliers could exist.

Something else to add of importance, I was able to get SHADOW ICA ASSASSIN rating, and complete SILENT ASSASSIN at the same time, with a found ballistic kill. Basically, at the moment I exited the level, the corpse was unfound, earning me SA rank according to the PO. During the :xx ms it takes to skip the exit cutscene, the npcs continued to move, and the corpse was discovered, meaning my final rating was SHADOW (dirty body found).

This continuation of play past the point of exit is new to freelancer (I haven’t seen it post update during normal contracts play) and is very evident by the IGT on rating screen being typically 1s higher than that seen in play.

@BluntsNBeatz I had a hard time decoding your shared research, but does it fit in line with what i’ve posted here, or do you have anything to add/share?


I’ve been network logging the information sent to the servers in order to get a comprehensive breakdown of every run featuring all stats that could possibly be rated on (and there are a lot of eligible things). My optimistic belief is that the system uses points being given to certain ratings for certain events and taken for other things, then the ratings with the most points are awarded (possibly even randomly if a few qualify at once, not sure). You can even be spotted by a civ and reported, failing SA, and still get Traceless (1 target, no KOs, spotted trespassing by Chef Marcello who reported to guards outside - but guards never entered combat - so overall ‘alert’ level remained at ‘AlertedLow’ max).

I intend to keep logging runs over a long period and eventually run them through a program to find any patterns that may exist and figure out the formulas as best they can be.

One thing where we do seem to see somewhat expected patterns that I caught onto early is with Clean, which seems to often be caused with runs containing accidents/sedations. There are even exceptions to that though, and it’s going to be hard to confirm anything through the bias without getting into number crunching with plenty of data.

Side-note, but I’m also working on a mod/tool (not very helpful to you I know, sorry) for tracking SA during Freelancer as well as other perks like SA tracking offline in any contract (mission), more detailed live stats, and a custom, more flexible rating system. There are a couple limitations in knowledge of certain systems which may hold the enhanced rating system back somewhat though. If we manage to get anywhere with figuring out the playstyle system, I’ll include that on it and try to have it predict the outcome as you do things, which should help make sense of it (if there is any sense to be made out it).

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Mind elaborating on this?

EDIT: The Chef Marcello anecdote is very interesting. I don’t dislike the idea of minor infringements like that not being run ending, depending on your other actions.

Some more ‘ammo’ for figuring things out. This information may or may not be relevant, but could provide insight to help with making better theories etc. These are just some things the game actually tracks/knows about:

Rating Stars

You get 4 stars for fulfilling SA requirements only. You only get 5 stars if you complete all objectives, thus getting a ‘perfect run’, since those objectives are added as, well, objectives, so the game thinks they’re just as required as in a contract or something.

Even with 5 stars, the response from the servers always returns SilentAssassin: false for Freelancer, otherwise the game would display the usual boring red rating banner.

Rating Code Names

MELEE_ASSASSIN = Grim Reaper - For Melee NTKs?

Those include all the ‘ICA Assassin’ ones that use a different key word, which may or may not be relevant to anything. There are several code names/words used by the game that don’t mean what they mean, e.g. NPCs reacting to other NPCs scream is worded by the game as ‘Hear Bark’ - likely a holdover from older games that had dogs.

Tension AKA ‘Ambient’ Level

  • Ambient - NPCs are all calm and acting normally
  • AlertedLow - Casual ‘?’ distractions
  • AlertedHigh - Alert/searching (non-panic)
  • Agitated - Probably unused, I’ve yet to see it happen
  • Searching - Also yet to see it used
  • Hunting - Definitely used, though the only one I have logged was used very temporarily during arrest. Doesn’t necessarily just refer to ‘Hunted’ as the NPCs can still return to an ‘ambient’ state while that displays.
  • Arrest - Guard trying to hold up 47, fake surrender, etc.
  • Combat - Combat (no shit), and blind panic

Random Sample of Things Tracked

The game tracks too many things to mention, plus I don’t want to just dump a load of raw code identifiers from the game here for obvious reasons, but to briefly go over some of the things to provide an idea as to the scope:

  • Kills/pacifications have very similar sets of data featuring info about method, weapon, headshot, whether they were moving, whether it was done “through a wall” and much more.

  • The game has not just one but two ‘drainpipe climbed’ events for… reasons…

  • Items picked up, thrown, dropped, found by guard, etc.

  • Situations contained, evidence hidden, dart hit, first non headshot, NPC became sick (this can happen without player interference, like that NPC who is constantly puking in Mendoza)

  • Doesn’t track shots in real-time but does report number of total shots fired and shots hit at the very end of a run.

  • ‘Body’ events: accident body found, dead body seen, ‘murdered’ body seen, body found, noticed kill, noticed pacification, target body spotted, body bagged, body hidden, all bodies hidden, all pacified hidden, all targets hidden.


You get 4 stars for fulfilling SA requirements only. You only get 5 stars if you complete all objectives, thus getting a ‘perfect run’, since those objectives are added as, well, objectives, so the game thinks they’re just as required as in a contract or something.

I know that you only get 5 stars if you complete all objectives, including optional ones (in contracts). Since there are five criteria for SA in the details screen (never spotted, no noticed kills, no bodies found, no recordings, no non-targets killed), I figured that the game awards five stars for SA, but subtracts one if the player fails at least one objective. However, I also realize that “no noticed kills” is redundant, since “never spotted” exists.

Your description reads as if SA gives four stars and all objectives gives an additional one. The end result is the same as in my theory. But I’m wondering how it is coded in the game. Do you have any more info on that?

Sometimes you get a “No Combat” objective in Freelancer. This one seems to be very strict, since you can lose it, even if you are not actually in combat and even if it doesn’t say “combat” above the mini map.
Do you know which one of those levels of alertedness the game refers to regarding the “No Combat” objective?

Yes, by “fulfilling SA requirements”, I mean those five criteria. Also consider that you can get 0 stars so that’s a 6th level of things. However the actual ‘Silent Assassin’ rating is only related to the criteria and not the star rating, hence you can get SA with only 4 stars.

And yes, the no combat objective fails based on that tension level getting changed to ‘combat’, which isn’t relayed directly by the minimap (nor are a lot of things). The minimap only cares about guards going into combat and having knowledge of your current disguise.

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Thanks for your answer (:

I’m not that interested in the “Silent Assassin” rating, but I do wonder about the stars. Since there are five criteria for SA, the player can fail 0 to 5 of them (6 items). However, apparently there are only 0 to 4 stars for SA (5 items) and I’m wondering how that matches up.

And yes, the no combat objective fails based on that tension level getting changed to ‘combat’, which isn’t relayed directly by the minimap (nor are a lot of things).

Do you know what exactly triggers the ‘combat tension level’?
Is it every action that would trigger ‘mini map combat’ if it happened in front of a guard, but also if it happens in front of a civilian NPC?


‘Blind panic’ referring to a state indicated by NPCs getting ! above their heads (as well as some subtle audio cues), then often losing any enforcer dot they’d otherwise have. This can happen when a guard notices a number of bullet impacts landing nearby, when an NPC sees 47 fire a weapon briefly but doesn’t manage to “identify” 47 (often happens firing darts quickly where a civilian will freak but not compromise 47), certain VIP guards seeing 47 with any illegal item, or when an NPC notices someone (including themselves) being hit by a bullet.

In these cases the NPCs in question can panic but not compromise 47, leaving SA intact and even ignoring 47 doing certain illegal actions for a time.

I don’t think the stars correlate directly to the bonuses, but maybe to the actual score of the bonuses? I can do a single NTK worth -5k and get 4 stars, but I can also do -40k worth of NTKs, and I will only get 3 stars. It’s also totally possible that the penalty may top out at a certain value.


Alright thanks, that clears a few questions that I had :grinning:

Can also confirm, at -55k worth of NTKs it’s only 2 stars.

(‘Grim Reaper’ AKA ‘Melee Assassin’ playstyle too, knife used for vast majority of kills).

Bring the ‘Silent Assassin’ end of level rating to Freelancer!! :smile:

Run at me! Haha


Marrakesh main mission btw. I was alt+tabbed at the exit after just detonating a loud explosive on Reza. All SA, and apparently no bodies found yet either. A few seconds before I alt tabbed back the game must’ve unpaused and I got spotted by the exit right after triggering the explosive. So somehow that loses ‘No Noticed Kills’.

I guess the logic is simply “getting spotted right after a kill”, or perhaps it has something to do with the fact all NPCs share a mind (that “tension level”), and the fact they were searching in the school due to the loud explosive, and the fact that I was caught in the consulate garage shortly after, was considered connected…

Thought it was interesting because I never really paid too much mind to that objective since it seemed like it would always just go hand-in-hand with invalidation of bodies found (except specifically when the kill is seen). But apparently there’s more (or less) to it than that.

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