Can we reset levels?

I have a discovery challenge that are no longer completable. When you discover areas on a map, they stay permanently discovered, regardless if the challenge for discovery was counting. Right now, I can’t do “Discover Hawke’s Bay”. According to the level, I’ve discovered everything, but the challenge has 0/6, and since the discovered areas never reset, that challenge is now permanently locked.

Is there any way around this? I’ve 100% every mission so far but Night Call (can no longer discover), and A New Life (indestructable package). I’d rather not have to completely wipe my game and save to redo all those missions again.

You can not complete challenges once you do them. Even if you wild your data and reinstall it is not possible as your profile is saved on IOI servers. So in short if you complete challenges that’s the first and last time you will complete them.

Hmm, try putting this up on the bug report thread and they should get back to you soon

This is not a bug.

Seems like it is
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Reread what I said. The challenge is uncompleted. When I load the map, all locations are discovered, but in the challenges menu the challenge for discovering the level is incomplete. It’s at 0/6.

Heres video of what I’m describing. If they werent discovered, they would have a giant ?. They are clearly discovered and named but as shown, it says 0/6.

I’m getting this same issue with The Ark Society, it’s only 48/58 unlocked and everywhere on the map is discovered already

I’m getting the opposite on all maps. Having hardly discovered half of it the challenge pops up literally everywhere.

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Same here. I assumed that the way they wanted to fix the bug was to drastically decrease the amount of areas one needed to discover in a given map.

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Even just ignoring the glitches I think this would be a nice feature to have. Playing through all the Season 1 levels when Professional difficulty came out and again in Hitman 2’s Legacy Pack reminded me how much more satisfying it is to go through those levels with a reward waiting for you at the end and with a goal in mind. “Okay, I’m going to complete this challenge this run to unlock this.”

It would definitely give players the opportunity to breathe new life into the game for themselves.

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Hi Zephyrlol,
The problems you have should be fixed in the May patch, which was released approximately May 22:nd this month.

Hope they work now! Let us know!


It was fixed for me personally in one of the earlier patches attempting to fix this. Still, good to know that that bug overall has finally been killed!