Can You Recommend...?

Ideas like this are often borne out of our own needs, but as no similar thread already exists I thought it would be useful to have a place where we can ask other members whether or not they can recommend particular video games. There may be objective facts about the game - for example, known issues, discontinued support, and so on - but otherwise opinions are likely to vary. Please be respectful of one another’s opinions and do not let it turn into strong disagreements about who is right or wrong about a game being good or bad. Your opinion matters, but it is not a fact.

A helpful conclusion to your thoughts on the game might be buy, avoid, or wait for sale.

For anyone asking about a particular game… for the advice to be useful, it would help to share if you have played other games in the series or similar games and what you thought about them.

Given our vast and varied experiences this could prove to be a useful thread. There is a lot of collective knowledge and wisdom that we have to offer, which could save others from needlessly wasting hard earned cash or equally putting off any longer discovering a true video game classic.


I’m going to start the ball rolling… after the recent Ubisoft Forward event (Sunday 12 July 2020) they have announced a massive sale on Xbox. Most of their games currently have 75-80% off the prices and this includes base games, bundles, and DLC.

I’ve played Far Cry 3 and 4 and loved both of them, but when FC5 first released it seemed to receive bad reviews, so I have avoided it. Is this a game I should consider getting now or did I avoid a bullet, so to speak? What about Far Cry New Dawn? Both of them and all the DLC are heavily discounted in the current sale: approximately £24 for absolutely everything!

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I would consider getting FC5. I haven’t played FC3 but FC4 was one of my favorites. Untill I played FC5. The best story IMO. I don’t think you should get new dawn. It is almost like a DLC to FC5 because of how short the story is.


Ive played far cry 5 and had a blast whilst playing it :grinning:


  • around 20 outposts
  • great soundtrack
  • beautiful graphics
  • lots of worthwhile content


  • mediocre story
  • mute character
  • occasional glitches and bugs

I’d give it a 7.5/10

Definitely one to wait for a sale.


VERY great soundtrack. I would get in a car in the game and just listen to the cult radio :rofl:

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@SilentWraith I love infiltrating those outposts! And 7.5/10 is a good score.

Yeah, I’d heard that, but given I could get FC5 Gold Edition (FC5, all the DLC, and FC3 Classic) for £14 in the sale and it would cost me £24 to get FC5 Gold and FC New Dawn Deluxe edition. Is it worth the extra £10 or is it one to avoid?

the way far cry 5’s progression works is that you earn points from actions like side quests and taking outposts, and these points go towards your control of the region. at certain intervals you’ll get a story cutscene and a main mission, I believe 4 per region. there are 3 regions plus the tutorial region and they can be done in any order, and all 3 need to be done for the ending. there’s not really any linear story progression, but if you prefer the sandbox nature of far cry then you might find yourself enjoying this type of progression more.

can’t speak for new dawn though

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In my opinion, FC5 is definitely worth it at that price (though I haven’t played any of the DLC). Solid story, great gameplay. If you enjoyed 3 & 4, you’ll probably feel right at home in 5.

As for New Dawn, it’s more of the same (enjoyable) gameplay and I liked the post-apocalyptic setting. But the story was so poorly written that I ended up skipping a lot of the cutscenes just to avoid having to listen to the villains’ horrible dialogue. I got it on sale for like $10 and had a good time with it, but I’d hardly call it essential. (And I think if I’d played the two back-to-back, New Dawn probably would have gotten tiresome.)


Good idea this! Please note, though, my opinions are, in fact, um, facts. I’ve done the research.

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I had a great time in Spring 2018 playing FC5.

Massive fun. Your companions can be a grizzly or a sniper for example. Freedom of approach. Humor all the way. Beautiful landscapes. Replayabilty to see the four endings. I kept five soundtracks of the game. My best FC experience so far.

I remember one comment on YT about the game when the trailer came out :
People : “Yeah, we’re finally going after Americans.”
Americans : “Yeah, we’re finally going after rednecks.”

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Thanks for all the feedback. You’ve helped persuade me that this is a game I’d enjoy. :+1:

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For that deal I would say it is worth the extra 10

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I recommend Sniper Elite 4

Never was a fan of the first 3 SE titles, tbh i only played them because of the xray killcams. Since i played SE4 on gamepass i became a fan. They´ve done so many improvements to the game. Now it finally feels right like it always should have been.

Most twitch streamers play it like a shooter, but if you see it as a stealth game and don´t use the aim assist, the game unveils it´s full potential. The massively improved stealth mechanics are just great. There is a light & shadow system that makes you more or less visible to enemies like in the classic splinter cell games. Different enemy types lead to awesome tactical gameplay:
Officers send infantry to your position, so you should take them out first.
Spotters can see you from far distance and order mortar strikes.
Radio operators can send reinforcements.

It´s a great feeling to hide somewhere, aim carefully, wait for a plane that flies by or whatever to soundmask your shot, see your bullet fly over hundreds of meters and blast the enemies head into pieces. to complete a mission it can take somewhat between 30min and 2hrs.

maingame includes 8 maps, 4 dlc maps. seasonpass also includes new weapons, weaponcamo and characterskins.
on xbox the maingame currently costs 70,- and the digital deluxe (including season pass) 99,-
as much as i love this game i think that´s too expensive. so i would recommend to wait for a sale.


Or get Game Pass. Sniper Elite 4 and all the DLC is included!

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