Can you uninstall Hitman 2016 if you have Hitman 2016 in Hitman 2 (PS4)



I was wondering can you uninstall Hitman 2016 on the PS4 if you already have the legacy pack of Hitman 2016 installed on Hitman 2. Or will the legacy pack not function without Hitman 2016 installed? Because i prefer to play Hitman 2016 in Hitman 2, it feels better for some reason.


I’m pretty sure you don’t need to have HITMAN 2016 installed to play the legacy pack after you’ve installed it.


Thank you very much. Im new on the forum and this is my first post. I gotta say im impressed by the fast response and in general by the forum. Good stuff.


You do not need it. I deleted Hitman 2016 to free up space after I bought 2018, Season 1 is still working.


Thank you both now i know for certain.


Yup, as ariayde2 and Matta_4 said, once you redeemed it you don’t need to have it installed :slight_smile:


If you already have redeemed and playable Legacy Pack you may delete H2016 from your hard drive (but not from the game store library!)


Of course. I still don’t uninstall it to be able to play Sarajevo Six campaign


Ahh yes, The sarajevo Six. It was a good set of missions i liked it alot. The targets had interesting backstories.


Welcome, @NamesAre.ForFriends :blush:


When i removed H1 to external Hard Drive I lost access to legacy pack in H2.The problem was that it was installed within H1app when downloaded and I has to redownload Legacy pack 30GB when only H2 was on base Ps4 drive.
I recommend you check the size of H1 before deleting it.Mine was 90+ Gb because of the legacy pack being wrongly installed there…