Cannot access Hitman 2 content

I have all 3 games from you. Had a devil of a time getting all my content from Hitman 1 and 2 into 3 last week, but finally did and everything was playable from Hitman 3. now, i cannot get access to Hitman 2 through 3 anymore?

Hitman 1 and Hitman 3 content is fine, but cannot access Hitman 2. Please help.

I redownloaded Hitman 2 just in case that helps, but it didn’t. Thanks.

Thanks in advance for speedy response.

What platform are you on?

i am using XBOX. sorry to not relay that as well.

Then I’ll let someone else to step in, because I can’t help you unfortunately

ok. thanks anyway. so frustrating because last week was a pain intil i realized mistake. everything was there and can be accessed. H1, H2 and h. now, no H2…

I’m on PC and having the same issue. Any advice?

For PC it’s just all about waiting.
Developers promised to give H2 locations for those who own H2 on Steam, for free.
But it will take unknown amount of time for them to sort things out.
If you don’t want to wait, you can buy HITMAN 2 Access Pass with 80% off for first 14 days after HITMAN 3 release and get those locations in a blink of an eye

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I did buy the access pass fir $9.99 something else too. It all worked last week and they were all accessible, but now, they are not.

Same here, everything is paired up, but in the menus it keeps redirecting me back to the Playstation Store (PS4)