Cannot buy Hitman 2

I cannot buy Hitman 2, I have tried it but it says You allready own Hitman 2 tracker i have no idea what it is, the only thing i can buy is the expansion pass , i have the free starter pack and the miami pack, please someone help. My platform is PS4

Did you get Miami Pack for free or you bought it?

If you got it for free, get rid of both - Starter Pack and Miami Pack.
Delete them completely from your platform library.

After that reboot your device just to make sure everything will work.
Then go and try again to guy full HITMAN 2 game, you should be allowed now if you’ve done all above

I will try and do that and see what happens i also bought the Miami pack for 10 pounds and the starter pack for free

Then delete just Starter Pack

I tried deleting and reinstalling the game (since you cant delete DLC seperately on ps4) and the same thing happens i dont know how to fix it or what hitman 2 tracker is this guy had the same problem as me Please help with this kind users

Anyone still there i still need help and i have no idea what to do ?

Try to contact PS4 support as seems nobody knows what this could be.
I definitely don’t cuz I haven’t a PS4

As far as I’m aware there is no HITMAN™ 2 Tracker, not on the PS Store on on my Library. Does the Miami Pack have an option to upgrade to the full game? If it does, maybe that’ll allow you to buy the game (probably cheaper since you bought Miami already).
Also, delete the Starter Pack. It’s basically a waste of space :stuck_out_tongue: