Cannot complete A Drink to Die For

Sorry if I am not posting in the right section but I am playing Hitman 2 but doing the Hitman 1 portion.

My problem is that I cannot get a check mark showing completion of A Drink to Die For on the Master difficulty level. I have completed the story mission multiple times doing what I think is every step but it does not show a check mark and I only have 7/8 Mission stories completed for The Showstopper. I do not think completing this counts towards The Classics challenges, but showing it incomplete is just annoying even though I have completed it countless times. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I am starting from the very beginning so I do not have all unlocks. Do I have to complete this mission story using the emetic poison? I have been doing it only with the fatal poison because that is all that is available to me me for now.


Some mission stories need to be completed in a specific order. Choose professional or casual difficulty to see the exact order, and make sure you don’t skip a single step.

And as far as I remember, that particular mission story requires you to pick up a rat poison to complete no matter what poison you decided to use.