Cannot create profile for Hitman Blood Money

Hi everyone. I purchased Hitman Blood Money on Steam and launched the game. After created my name, for about 6 seconds, it said SAVE FAILED. Cannot create profile.

I have tried to check “run as administrator” but it still not work.

My PC is Win 10 64 bit, with i7, gtx 1070 8GB and 16 RAM.

Please help me. Thank you!

2 options I think are plausible.

Your antivirus is stopping the game from creating the folders and files for the profile.
Disable your antivirus.

Steam.dll is missing from BM folder.
Copy the file Steam.dll and paste on your hitman blood money folder.
You can find it in C:/ Program Files (x86)/Steam/

No antivirus on this PC - just bought it - but I think you are right, something prevents the game to create new folders. I cannot find any files named BM in C:/

I create a folder named “Hitman Blood Money” in C:/users/user/documents/ and download a savegame “” in it but still not working.

For Steam.dll, There is no Steam folder in C:/Program Files(x86). I installed Steam in D:/ and I find Steam.dll in D:/Steam/ and copy it to D:/Steam/steamapps/common/Hitman Blood Money. Not work.

Can I ask where is your profile folder saved in C:/ ? Maybe I can create one and reload it in game.

How ironic is this? Our toaster PCs run BM without significant problems apart from FPS. But the bleeding edge, Overpowered PCs cannot. One of Nature’s weird things.

You should create two subfolders in "Hitman Blood Money"
First “Profiles” and then your profile name example “Rex47”

It looks like this for me
\Documents\Hitman Blood Money\Profiles\WIK

This could also help you.

This issue has nothing to do with hardware and considering it’s probably an installation error or something to do with the newer windows it’s not ironic what so ever…

Still not work, but now I believe that the problem is not hardware but authority control of my disk. That’s what I did in these hours:

Added a subfolder “Profiles” in C:\users\Rex47\documents and then \John\, is downloaded from the link above, name is John as the instruction said… And relaunch the game, still can’t find any profile and can’t create profile

Tried all Compatibility Modes from win 95 to win 8, both Steam.exe and HitmanBloodMoney.exe, not work

Googled “can’t create folder in C:” and followed instructions to change owner of C:\ from TrustedInstaller to Rex47, and
changer owner of D:\ from SYSTEM to Rex47, not work(this is also ridiculous in win 10 - owner is not me, and Rex47 is not an authorized user in Permission entries list)

I unchecked “Run as administrator”, and then cannot launch the game anymore - “failed to start Steam”. Cannot fix this.

Just uninstalled all games in Steam and Steam itself…and reinstalling…

I bought this PC only for gaming and struggled with Blood Money…This is really painful…

Hey Rex ! sorry for necrothreading, but did you find any other solutions for that exact same issue (profile save failed). Weird thing is that on my previous computer which was also a windows 10, it worked fine, but on my current new computer which is a bit better than my previous can’t create a profile with Hitman BM. I tried without antivirus, copied steam.dll file, reinstalled in C: and D: , launched as an administrator, turned off the Controlled folder access, added exclusions…but still the game cant create a new profile…any advices ?