Cannot Get Bonus Missions PS4


My friend is currently having trouble getting the bonus missions for Hitman 2016. He bought a used copy of the complete first season, and upgraded on the store to the GOTY. He’s also tried Uninstalling and reinstalling. Any help is appreciated


Restore your licences.


What exactly does that mean, and how do we do that?


I can’t find summer episode on the main menu ps4 please help


Do not use the console store. Go to either the store in the game or even better, the PlayStation store via PC.


I did that still not shwing


I just downloaded summer episode on my play store still not showing please reply
I own all the episode


I am looking now. Give me a few.

@Omar_Razeen, which version of HITMAN do you have?

The Complete First Season


Game of the Year Edition?

I found it on my game - I loaded HITMAN and when the hub came up, I tabbed over to “Store.” All the way to the right, you should see “Bonus Episode.” Clicking that will take you to the PS Store and allow you to download it.

If you have already downloaded it, check your library and make sure you see bonus episode in the HITMAN folder.


I just now downloaded summer episode it not the menu I have the full 1st season


Did you look in Sapienza and Marrakesh?


No not yet I did not


That is why you are not finding them. There are three Bonus episodes - two are in Sapienza and one is in Marrakesh.

Destinations–>Sapienza (scroll right past all the Escalations)–> you will see “The Icon” and then “Landslide.”


No I did not not yet


When I complete all three mission Wil I get the summer episode on my menu


When I complete all three mission Will
I get summer episode on my menu


No. The “summer episode” was The Icon and A House Built on Sand. They are variations on Sapienza and Marrakesh, respectively. That is why you have to go there to find them. The final bonus mission came out in January of 2017 and was called Landslide. It was also a variation on Sapienza. All three missions took place before the events of the HITMAN main game, so it does not affect the flow of the story.