Cannot link Stadia account with IOI account

I claimed Hitman as a Pro game. When the game starts it asks me to link my IOI account. I already have one for my Steam version of Hitman 1 & 2, so I entered the same email address. I got an email from IOI with a link to complete the linking, but when I click on the link it says the token has been processed or is invalid.

When I go to my IOI account site it shows that I have the product Hitman: World of Assassination registered, along with my Steam Hitman 2. However it doesn’t show my Stadia account as linked. It does show my Steam account as linked.

The game itself doesn’t seem to think the linking is successful because it asks me to link every time it starts, until I mute the notification that is.

Asked the question on Reddit and it looks like most people can link the account just fine. I am hoping that IOI support here can help me debug what’s wrong.

And if you link your Stadia account first via does it work ? I did it like this.

It will ask you to put an email address, choose the same as your current account with steam linked with it.

My profile :

And I didn’t link even Epic account. Only Steam is there.
Just saying

Hmm, I just tried that. It asked me which email to link to, and I put in the one I already have. It then sends the confirmation email to me, which contains the link that says the same “This link has been processed or has expired.” error message.

OK I just tried linking my Epic account since I claimed the free Hitman game there as well. I got the same invalid or expired token error. So it looks like the issue is with my IOI account, not Stadia/Epic.

Be sure that link is 100% correct and that you have included all the characters.

The link is under this format :

In your mail client, don’t click on the button but copy the link manually.

Message when the token is already processed :

Message when the link is invalid :

I can only suggest you to delete your existing IOI Account and create a new one, better with different email address, even better using other mail service. Maybe that will help.

And don’t worry, neither of your games or profiles will be violated with that

My error message is the former (invalid_or_expired_token). I guess deleting the current account and register a new one is an option… if I have to.

Hi @jianglai, what email client do you use ?

We know that some security solutions will actually open the link (and consume it) as soon as you open the message, so it can do security checks against the target page.


I am using You are right that it puts all URLs in the email behind a redirector ( in this case) and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off this security feature unfortunately. I tried URL decode the actual url from the redirector but it didn’t seem to work either.

Do you suggest that I create a new profile with a different email provider and migration all the “linking” to it? Is it true that nothing is lost in this process?


Another way, hover the link in the email message and click on it with right mouse button and choose something like ‘copy link’. But of course before that request a new email with a new link.
Then just insert it in address bar of a new tab and hit Enter. Also may work.

I’m sorry if you already tried it, didn’t go through the whole thread

Tried that. Outlook will add the redirect URL before that so I never got the raw URL that IOI sent. I suspect that is the culprit.

Can you find the source of this email ? In outlook search for “Read as Plain Text” or something like that.

Tried that as well. Also has the outlook redirector in it… :sweat_smile:

Go create new account with Gmail for example.
Seems it doesn’t have those silly troubles

I didn’t find anything on internet to disable or bypass this unless you want to contact Microsoft Support, you can create another account with another mail provider, it doesn’t have any consequence on your datas.

Deleted the outlook account and used gmail to sign up. Everything works perfectly. Microsoft… Sigh…

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Arguably we only had these kind of issue on our own corporate Outlook setup, as it seems to be more spread we will have to up the priority on fixing it.

Thanks a lot for the feedback !