Cannot Play due to disconnects

No the problem isn’t my internet.
I can play Hitman 2016 without issue and all the other games on my account. And also stream PS Vue and other services. And my telephone is service is VOIP. So yes with due respect I’m sure.

I want to complete all the legacy missions and challenges in Hitman 2 so that I’ll have the progress items and such.
I’ve had it downloaded for a while but today is the first time I’ve tried to play it.

Initially there were no issues, I went to ICA Facility and began training. However upon completion of “Freeform Training” I got a disconnected error. It went offline and continued to produce an error every time I would retry to go online. (20-30x). I exited and deleted the game then downloaded and reinstalled it. Now it wouldn’t even get past “press x to play”.
I deleted the saved game data and tried again and finally it would let me start over and log in again. However, I’ve just finished the “Guided Training” and once again its kicked me offline and can’t reconnect. I can’t even advance to the Freeform Training now or do any of the challenges. The game is literally unplayable.

Looking for reasonable guidance.

Please move as appropriate - I’m not good with forums.

Hitman 2 ps4 servers are down for some. Just wait and it will be back up.

Next time, post here in the dedicated technical support thread.


Thank you, where I can check more accurate reporting of the servers?

I suspected that but can’t find anything on their facebook or twitter. And the shows everything online and updated within a minute. So then I though intermittent PSN issue, but they also show up.

Its been like this all day. I first encountered the issue at about 12pm CST and just tried again 7pm CST. After seeing all the servers up and since it was better for a minute after deleting my game data I questioned if my game profile on the server got corrupted or something.

Here’s a link to the server status website: whenever you get regular disconnects just look on this website to see whether anyone else is getting it - considering there are 137 reports of disconnection over the past two days on PS4 alone, it’s likely there is either maintenance going on or a major server outage (These are often fixed within a few hours) Hope this helps!

Edit: I posted this a little late sorry about that: slow at typing n’all but to check more accurate reports of the servers just check the player reports at the bottom of the page.


That’s probably because it’s only 1 region that has the issue. Seems to be a Europe issue.