Cannot play Hitman 2016 on PS4

I recently had to uninstall Hitman 2016 to make space, and I fear I may have made an irredeemable mistake by doing so, as I am now unable to play the game at all. I have the game installed again, and there are checkmarks next to all the missions, so the game acknowledges my purchase, but they’re simply not on the Playstation Store. At first, I only had this issue with the bonus missions, but I could continue playing the main missions. Now I cannot access any mission other than the prologue. Can I fix my mistake or am I stuck with a useless game? I couldn’t buy the game again if I wanted to do because now it’s not available on the store, given the fact that I’ve already purchased it. I’ve tried looking on the Playstation Store, and I’ve tried going to the DLC section of the game and going to the Playstation Store from there, but it just says there’s no content. If you are able to help, I would be very grateful.

I can only say that check carefully what type of the game you have installed now.
The Starter Pack (or some other free analogue) could mess all the things up, so if you happen to install it - get rid of it completely.
Delete it from your console and from your library

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I’m having the same issue, I’m having problems with hitman on ps4 where I can’t play or download the levels at all, I’ve tried deleting everything for the game, save files, and the game, then downloading the game again, but nothing is working at all. The only levels it’ll let me play are saphienza and marrakesh. Normally I’d be able to download the other levels, but all I can do is download the legacy levels. And when I do try to go to the ps4 store to download them, it won’t let me. I hope you see this and could help me out, because I’d greatly appreciate it.