Cannot play Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack

Hi all. Having an issue that I’m hoping the community can help me solve. Thanks in advance for the assist:

The Setup
I recently downloaded the HITMAN GOTY Legacy Pack on PS4. This pack came with 25 add-ons, all of which I have installed. These add-ons include (among others):

• HITMAN - Legacy: Paris (3.8GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Bonus Missions (8.1GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Bangkok (5.2 GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Sapienza (6.7 GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Marrakesh (4.6 GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Colorado (5.1 GB)
• HITMAN - Legacy: Hokkaido (4.3 GB)

The Problem
I’ve played through the training Destination, called “ICA Facility.” But when I try to play any other destination - Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, etc. - I receive the following error:

Downloadable content not installed
You do not have the required content installed. To access this content you need to get Episode 1: Paris.

When I click “Go To PlayStation Store,” and attempt to access this content, the following error appears:

There is no content.
It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale.

What I’ve tried

  1. I’ve restored my licenses by going to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses

  2. I’ve re-booted the PS4.

  3. I’ve gone to the PlayStation Store and entered the section titled “Your Add-Ons,” and re-installed each of the add-ons listed above (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, etc).

Sadly none of these solutions has worked. Has anyone run into this issue, and if so, can you share some insight re: how you resolved it?

Hello hitmanplayer1. I have a question for you, in order to know what issue your game has.

Which version of HITMAN 2 did you install on your console? As far as I know, there are 3 versions of the game are all considered ‘different’ by the console.

  • Free starter pack which contains only 2 training missions you mentioned, as well as Nightcall (The 1st mission for the game).
  • Digital version available for purchase via PS Store which contains 6 locations (plus 1 or 2 additional ones depending on which you purchase).
  • Physical Copy which contains only 4 locations with the rest of locations redeemed via serial codes.

This matters cause as for as I learn, free starter pack won’t allow a player to install Legacy pack on it. Legacy pack must be installed with purchased versions of the game. Please let me know which version you installed.

Hi Yellow_ZR1. Thanks for the help. I purchased and downloaded the digital version of the first HITMAN game on my PS4 console. I did not purchase or install any version of HITMAN 2.

Very interesting question! Do you suspect I may have downloaded the wrong version of the game?

Yes, this appears to be the issue. The term ‘Legacy pack’ is referred as packs for H2, since they are from the previous game. What you did is you probably installed the wrong set of packs. Those add-ons are for H2. Anyway, the packs you wish to install don’t have the word ‘Legacy’ on them. For instance, HITMAN - Episode 5: Colorado is one of the correct pack for H1. If you don’t find any of them, you may want to consider reinstall the game to see if those packs are also downloaded.

So how are you supposed to use Legacy Pack?
Legacy Pack is a full remastered HITMAN 2016 game within HITMAN 2

Ah, makes perfect sense. Will jump in tonight and purchase the proper H2, and chime back in here if I experience any other issues. Thanks very much for jumping in to help, Yellow_ZR1 (clearly I’m still pretty new to the gaming scene!).

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You know, I advise you to buy Gold Edition

Just did last night :slight_smile: I’m up and running fellas, appreciate you guys jumping in to help. Cheers