Cannot purchase individual episodes on the xbox store!


hi. I have purchased all episodes individually for hitman on Xbox one except for episode 2 (sapienza). Which my friend purchased but we both game shared our profiles on Xbox but we longer game share so. I do not own episode 2 sapienza. I tried buying it through the hitman game but it only takes me to 1 option I have to purchase the GOTY edition for 85 dollars just to attain the sapienza episode which is a joke. so I went to the Xbox store and searched specifically for episode 2 sapienza and for some reason. episodes can no longer be purchased individually as they were originally sold. so I am now restricted access to a bunch of content in game. a game I gave spent many hours on and many dollars on as well. and to be honest I’m not impressed because I now have to pay 85 dollars!!! for a 20 dollar piece of content. so I do hope there is some way to purchase this individually otherwise you have lost customer.


Same here, i only have paris and prologue, i tweeted travis and he said that he would pass it on but that was a couple of days ago and still nothing. Might be worth tweeting him. They said in the release notes we would be able to purchase individual episodes in the in game store so i hope this is resolved soon😂 i really wanna take my time playing through so i was gonna get 1 ep at a time


The intended behaviour is that you can access the individual episodes through the in-game store. I checked on my Xbox One here at the studio and that’s working for me. I do own the episodes, so the store tells me I own it, but it at least takes me to the individual episode page.

@doubleosiris Can you tell me whether you have the disc or digital version and if you have all other episodes installed for your current profile? Gamesharing might be causing an issue here - have you purchased all of the episodes?

@Overseer_chris - Did you buy the Intro Pack to get those locations or did you download the free prologue and then purchase Paris separately? We have an Intro Pack Upgrade option for players who only ever bought that.

Can you both tell or share images of the exact errors that the store / game tells you?



@Travis_IOI i downloaded the free prologue and then bought paris. Will get screenshots when i get home from college☺ all it does, after selecting the individual episode from the in game store, is take me to the episode in the xbox/microsoft store, which says ‘not sold seperately’ and the button that would have the price of the content and allow you to buy it is replaced by a button that says ‘see bundles’

Apologies if i am sending lots of tweets regarding this problem, i just love the game.



This is what it shows after clicking on sapienza in the in game store. The same thing happens when each episode is clicked, it brings up the respective episode in the xbox store, but each episode shows that it cant be bought seperately


@Travis_IOI the other content (requiem pack, and goty content) can still be bought. Before the update when i checked each respective episode in the store they were all able to be bought.


Hey Guys, I have exactly the same problem. Here is my thread Purchased Hitman on Release - Cant buy Maps on xbox one

I also want to mention that the cover of the Upgrade Pack says “Complete Episode 1” but if you buy it that is not included.

Just make it possible to either buy the individual maps or the old season pass or some sort of upgrade for the Intro Purchasers.


I have a digital version of hitman and I have purchased everything for the game even the requiem DLC pack and bonus DLC episodes. the only reason I didn’t purchase episode 2 is because I didn’t have the money at the time so my friend bought it and now that we don’t game share I have no access to it. I even uninstalled it then went back to the store to see if I can purchase it and I cannot purchase it anywhere even when I go to the store tab in the hitman game itself it just takes me to the Xbox store and gives me 1 option of purchasable content which is.

the GOTY for 85 dollars

Also it clearly says on the Xbox store that episodes are no longer sold separately so if this is the really the case then [email protected]#k this game that is just a huge [email protected]#$%*g money grab especially for people such as my self who have supported this game like all hitman games since the very beginning if you find my language offensive I find this money grab offensive and I’m just being honest

Also another problem I would like to point out is that now I don’t have access to episode 2 I can now no longer do the elusive targets that are going to be reactivated in November and in Sapienza which frustrates me even more. because I missed all targets except 1 no ones fault but my own but I’m sure you can understand my frustration here because I am now essentially being denied the cool rewards that come with completing elusive targets because I cannot purchase 1 episode individually rewards I have been waiting months and months for. So my self and the countless other I have come across already complaining about not being able to purchase individual episodes would greatly appreciate it if this could be fixed before the reactivation of the elusive targets on November 7. Thankyou in advance


Hey doubleosiris,

I feel your pain and am currently going through the exact same thing. This very much feels like a rip off to me and I would really like to get a reply, if they plan to change this at some point.

I mean, the Upgrade e,g, is still available on the playstation network.

Additionally to that they do false advertisement by having the wrong cover on the “GOTY Upgrade” that is available in the XBOX Store. This Cover says “Complete First Season” eventhough the maps are not included in this upgrade.

I contacted the Microsoft Support in regards to this and IMMEDIATELY got my money back from the support employee and he mentioned to me that they are aware of the situation.

I am sitting here for 3 Days now and just want to play the additional maps and challenges, as I actually love Hitman but I feel very much ripped by IO Interactive here and I slowly get the feeling that this is planned business behaviour.

I have never done this in the past but I am seriously considering to contact the german “Consumerrights” Organization, as there are 2 Major flaws in their behaviour (False advertisement and inavailability to update).

Cant you just sent me a fucking season pass or Upgrade code? It would be so much easier for everyone involved.


We’re still investigating this issue. One thing I can say at this point is to clarify this mis-information quoted above.

The GOTY Upgrade has Complete First Season >> Game of the Year Edition. The arrows indicate that it’s an upgrade from one product to another.


Any news on the individual episodes not being purchasble issue?


I had the same issue actually. I’ve purchased 3 of the episodes am not able to purchase the rest of season 1 without paying again for the episodes I’ve already purchased, which is ridiculous. The cover of the Game of the Year Edition Upgrade does imply that it includes to full first season and doesn’t actually include any of season 1. I purchased it and immediately contacted xbox support and got a full refund based on the false advertising. While that is an issue that should be addressed, the fact that there is no way to purchase the remaining episodes individually does feel like an unnecessary money grab. Why else would IOI remove the option to purchase individual episodes?


For anyone that wants to be able to play episode 2 sapienza or episode 3 Marrakesh if you buy the summer bonus episodes DLC for hitman it has 2 ICA missions in sapienza and Marrakesh although its an altered version of the original map its still better than nothing. I already owned this DLC since it was released so I don’t know if even that can be purchased now as well but if it can there is one way you kind of get episode 2 and 3 for what I remember to cost around 20 or 25 dollars in Australian currency. I thought I would mention this just encase someone else is the same predicament as me and just wants to play on a specific map this a small work around for sapienza and Marrakesh for now :).


Any news about this problem being solved at all ?


I’d like to chime in on this issue as well since I’m having the same problem of not being able to purchase individual episodes or even the summer bonus episodes DLC, but I’m on PS4 instead of XBOX1. The only individual thing I can purchase is the Requiem Pack. The only main episode I’m missing is episode 6 and it was available it seems until just before the GOTY bundles became available. I really hope you guys correct this issue, because it’s pretty unfair that the people that supported your game from the start are seemingly being screwed just so you can push the GOTY edition. It would also be in your best interest to fix this, since I’d like to purchase the GOTY add on bundle but it will not let me because it says that I don’t own the summer bonus missions DLC and if I’m not mistaken, because I also am missing episode 6. You know, lots of people were pissed and turned off by the whole Hitman going episodic debacle, but the people that supported your game anyway deserve to be able to enjoy the full game without having to buy it all over again. This whole thing feels like a slap to the face of people that supported your game and devs. I mean, why make the game episodic, only to take the episodes off of a digital marketplace? It makes no sense. I guess Hitman is just going to end up like so many other great franchises of the past and ruin a great franchise with baffling business practices. Nothing against the devs or customer service personally (I know customer relations can be a truly frustrating job, since you guys get the brunt of people’s anger and frustration), but if I can’t even play the final episode of a game that I supported from the beginning, I will not be sticking with this franchise anymore, or be a supporter of this company. I’m getting so fed up with how greedy game companies are getting these days. Gaming is a shell of its former self. I had a blast with this new Hitman and would like to spend more money for the level I’m missing, the summer bonus mission DLC and the GOTY add on pack, but I literally can’t since the DLC and episode 6 are unavailable and the summer DLC is a requirement to get the GOTY add on pack. It’s all just baffling.


I’d like to point out that the DLC and individual episodes are on the in-game store, but the problem is that it will not let you purchase anything but the requiem pack. When you try to buy something it says that the content isn’t available yet, or that it is no longer available. What I don’t understand about this is that on the reddit post about the purchasing change it says that episodes and DLC will still be available for individual purchase. If you guys can correct this it’ll end my frustration as well as the frustration that others that were day 1 purchasers have been dealing with. I’m willing to buy the few things that I don’t own yet, but I’m not willing to pay $59.99 for a single level and a handful of missions. The GOTY upgrade packs don’t make much sense either, since there are prerequisites you must meet to purchase them, like owning every episode, or having to own the summer bonus missions. Then there is a bundle that I can’t get because I own most of the episodes. Literally the only GOTY upgrade I can get is the full priced one that comes with everything, again most of which I already own. This doesn’t seem like it would be that hard of a fix, so please, someone get on this and stand by the loyal fans that stood by you guys since day 1. :confused:


I’m having the same trouble on PS4. I was going to purchase the remaining episodes I’m missing to upgrade to the GOTY edition, but they’re no longer available on the store. When I try to purchase them in-game it says that they’re unavailable.



I bought Hitman on release, and continued to purchase each episode as they came out and I currently own episodes 1-4.

After not having the time to play games for a while I decided to treat myself over the Xmas holidays and purchase the 2 remaining episodes (5, 6) and possibly any other DLC that was available, but when I try to buy them from either the Xbox Store or via the in-game store (which takes me to the Xbox Store page anyway) I am told that they are “not sold separately” and the only way I can get them is to buy the GOTY Edition for £44.99.

After finding this thread I can only parrot what others have already said - and that is that this is a real slap in the face to the customers who supported and bought this game early rather than waiting for all the episodes.

Even through all the bad press when you announced the episodic nature of the game, through all the “always online” requirement and server issues that were a problem at the start - we still supported and bought the game.

Now you expect us to have to pay again for content that we already paid for, just because we had the audacity to support and buy the game when a GOTY edition wasn’t even available? C’mon!

I only want episodes 5 and 6 - why can’t I just buy them?
I have to pay again for 1-4 which I already paid for and own?

Is this some oversight or technical issue that is being looked into, or are you really going to bend your early adopters / early supporters over a barrel like this trying to push GOTY editions and trying to get us to pay twice for content that we already bought?

I hope it’s the former, because if it’s the latter and this is a “business decision” then I am done with Hitman and any future IOI games, as if this is the way you treat customers who support you before any others then I simply won’t be a customer anymore.

Hopefully you took note of the reaction to the recent EA / Battlefront / Destiny 2 / any other game that uses shitty practices to try to fleece their cusomers and it will help guide the direction you go with this issue.

Could you please advise / update what the situation is?



Same issue on PSN,

I have only just completed Marakesh and now cant carry on without buying the full game…

Can you advise where this was written in the T’s and C’s when i purchased the first 3 episodes?