Cannot recover my password for IOI account


I want to carryover my progression of Hitman 2 to Hitman 3 but I lost my password.
When I try to recover my password with the “Forgot password?”, I don’t receive the email.

I’m the only one with this problem ?

Just tried with 2 emails and received a message in both boxes in a minute or two.

Check if you didn’t do a mistake typing in email address

I have tried severals times since this monday, on 3 different machines with different browsers.
I so sad I don’t receive an email, I cannot play Hitman 3 because of this (all my progression on H3 will be removed if I carryover my progression from H2).

I tried to create a new account, I receive all the emails even those for recover my password.
If I link my Steam account to this new IOI account, will I keep my progression ?

Your progression stored on game servers, not in IOI account and can’t be deleted this simple.
You can even delete your account and create a new one and still you’ll be able to do a carryover.
I personally tried some time ago

It worked, thank you very much you saved my week-end !