Can't access all missions


I have bought a copy of the steelbook definitive edition, I have installed all the missions and it has shown up on my hard drive but I can only access the first four, when I attempt to access the fifth I get a message that it is not installed and I need to go to xbox store or cancel, but I have no internet access to go to xbox store, any ideas please?



To play HITMAN with all the richness of the game you have to be constantly connected to internet.
Maybe there is only first four missions are on the disk, and other content has to be downloaded, I don’t know for sure. But I do know to play the game with all the stashes with all the weapons, with all the disguises, with all the challenges you have to be connected to internet.
Without connection the game is a bimbo



Cheers mate, I just double checked my hard drive on the xbox and it is showing episodes 5 and 6 as well as patient zero and the outfits, extras but it has stumped me, thanks for the quick reply.