Can't access any content


Please forgive me just copy/pasting but I don’t want to write this up again.

Hello everyone, I’m sorry if this has been asked - I can see I’m not alone in this issue however I can’t find any way to fix it.

I was given Hitman 2 for Christmas, as I’m sure lots of you were, after playing the 2016 game to death. I also downloaded the prologue and played the Holiday Hoarder mission (had some trouble but eventually got my Santa suit).

Now I had a lot of trouble actually accessing the campaign for Hitman 2; again which I’ve read others have. Despite actually having the disc which I now understand is a dolled up download key.

After downloading each of the missions manually I had some success, however this was brief after trying to play today I was again told I did not have access to the Hitman 2 campaign.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall (which according to my Googling worked for the people in this thread) which has made matters worse as now I can’t even manually install each mission as they are apparently not sold separately?

Please if anyone can share any guidance I as I apparently need help. I also can’t find any way to contact IO directly but I suppose I would be directed to Microsoft.

I’ve included a link to some photos. Please excuse the phone photos.

You can see in one of the screenshots I got an achievement in the Himmelstein mission so I had access at some point.