Can't Access Colorado


Hello. I purchased hitman the steelbook edition on disc. I recently uninstalled it to make room for another game on my Xbox one. After hearing about the second campaign that released I reinstalled it and purchased the goty edition upgrade off the microsoft store. Upon reinstallation I noticed that episode 5 (colorodo) was unavailable. When I go to it in game it says “get access” and redirects me to the Xbox store and says “not sold seperately”. I’ve read a lot of posts and tried to fix the issue the way everyone else says but when i go to (my games and apps-hutman-manage game) it’s still nowhere to be found. Can somebody please help me. @Travis_IOI.


This thread should be able to help you, specifically this reply. However, if this doesn’t help you, look through the whole thread for solutions.



This thread should also be able to help you (considering it is a duplicate thread, cough cough)