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Hi guys. Not played Hitman since end of 2016 so about a year and half. Fancied getting back on it so I went back on my old psn account to redownload the game. Downloaded it but it won’t let me on any of the maps, just the first 2 training missions. And for some reason all the trophies I earned have disapeared aswell (I had all of them) I bought the game (download) when it first came out along with season pass so i got the rest of the missions. Used to be you could download the missions on their own from store but The only other thing I can find to download is the goty edition and the requiem pack but I have to pay for them. I had the requiem pack before aswell so don’t see why it’s asking me to pay again. Very confused here. Just want to get to killing people. Any help appreciated

Im having the same problem did you find a solition?

Unfortunately not mate. Had to buy it all again and do all the trophies from scratch :frowning: