Can't access HITMAN™ episodes

Bought the game yesterday. Have the episodes downloaded. Try to start playing and every time a screen is asking me to go to the market to download them…which send me to the market where the episodes is already downloaded…

Im having the same issue. its good to know thats its not just me who is experiencing this. did you ever find a fix?

Not at all. Uninstalled and downloaded back nothing.

Even soft restored my Xbox and the issue is still there. Worst, in the game itself all the episodes have a check mark on them meaning I possess them

yeah im having the same exact issue. i went made sure that the missions were installed into hitman and they were but it still is not working.

Yeah,I have the same problem and I have tried all the solutions that have come to my mind,even delete all the episodes and download them again but nothing works. Were you able to solve the problem?
PD:I’m also a xbox user

Nope. Really frustrating and I don’t know if I should contact Microsoft or the developer

Yes,maybe an IO interactive staff might help us, @Travis_IOI

It’ll help enormously if you tell us what version of the game you bought.

When you see that the episodes are ‘ticked/checked’, that means that you have access to them, and not that they are installed. You need to manually check in the console dashboard menus that each episode is installed. If they are listed there but you still cannot access them, there are usually two ways to fix that: completely reboot the game or power cycle your console:

See both pictures, maybe I’m blind but everything seems okay. Already did the power cycle and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. Same issue