Can't Access Isle of Sgail


I’ve just finished Whittleton Creek, watched the cinematic and now want to play Isle of Sgail but the in game menu says ‘get access’. The I click it it takes me to the store and tells me I already have it.

I can skip past it and play New York but it says I should complete Isle of Sgail first. I have access to everything else, Sniper modes, Hantu Port, Siberia etc

I have purchased Hitman, Hitman 2, the Legacy Pack and Season Pass.

Hitman and Hitman 2 are updated to the most recent versions

I’m on PS4 Pro

Everything is downloaded… just missing Isle of Sgail.

Any ideas…???

Any help much appreciated.

It seems to me that your game was not completely installed. Could you check your add-on page to see if IoS is on the list? The add-on page can be accessed by pressing the down button of D-pad:

Yellow_ZR1 you glorious human… that worked…!

There were two missing - Sgail and Himmelstein… I have no idea why they didn’t download. Seems like a bug - or maybe I just missed them in the the super confusing packs, legacy, extras or something.

Anyway, thank you…!

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