Cant access missions on hitman ps4 (2016)

I own a copy of hitman on my ps4 and I can only access the 3rd mission of the game but not any other. I tried restoring licenses and making sure my account is activates as primary but I can’t get the other missions. the only one that appears in the game add-ons is the 3rd mission and when I try to download the other missions from the game itself it says “content not found.” how can I fix this if it’s possible?

Seems like you own Santa Fortuna Pack.
Did you buy the full game, any of the editions: Standard, Silver, Gold?
If you didn’t buy full game, you can’t access other missions unless you buy upgrade to a full game, or a full game itself.

If you bought the full game, you should search and download each location manually.
Go to your store and make a search of Miami, for example. Go to this location page and hit Download button.
You should repeat this step for every single location

was there a fortuna pack for hitman(2016) because im having this issue only for hitman(2016) and not hitman 2

I misread the HITMAN 2016 part.
There is no Santa Fortuna (or any other) pack for HITMAN 2016.
Unfortunately I can’t help you with this