Can't bloody connect?!

I would be fine if some unimportant content was behind the online but literally from gear & weapon unlocks, challenges & mastery are locked behind the online wall! Why do you guys think it’s fun adding all the important stuff behind the online wall?! I spent $60 for this? Smh been trying to login for past hour & nothing! Great game guys!


There servers are down. You’ll need to wait a little while for IO to get things fixed on their end.

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Oh great! Could’ve at least given us a heads up instead we get the same generic error message smh & the xbox server for hitman 3 shows green in their website lol?

Please don’t create duplicate threads. You just make more work for the mods and a cumbersome experience for the rest of us.


One of the things about IOI is “poor communication but high engagement”. They will fix this. How do you think we got all the way to HITMAN 3?

Tagging @Travis_IOI for possible assistance.


Someone stick 50p in the meter and get the electricity back on for an hour or two.


How can they give us a heads up? IO cannot predict that their servers are going to go down.

I noticed this too. Probably just an error. It’ll likely see it go red again in a little bit.

Uh huh sure buddy, fix your game guys, I did not spend $60 for my SP experience to screw up because of online crap.


I suspect the servers are not down but they are clearly straining under day one traffic.

I only pre-ordered yesterday so I’m sure there are many responding to the great reviews. Great for IO but also a challenge to the online infrastructure.

A little patience is going to be required. I’m coming back to it tomorrow.


We’re all in the same situation. The only thing you can do is wait. It’s common for servers to go down on launch day.


Well that’s the problem with online & most of the content locked behind the wall isn’t it? Smh alright, just hope they fix it, didn’t mean to lose my cool or anything.

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Any predictions on when things will go online? Would be nice to play the game I bought today :confused:

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HITMAN’s online infrastructure is unified under Microsoft Azure cloud. It’s therefore supposed to dynamically change size when required. But there have been the rare times when an instance for a certain platform goes down.

We also don’t know if maybe the Azure arrangement has a ceiling and that H3 Day 1 traffic is so high that IOI may need to sign another agreement for additional resources or something.

Usually if you sign up for a VPN or Cloud infrastructure you also set a ceiling so that you cannot be ambushed by a sudden surge of 1 jabillion terrabytes of space costing you the entire GNP of a small country! Lol

So it is possible Azure is kicking and screaming while IOI do the math on whether they should approve a new 200% ceiling.

Keep calm. It will be solved.


I’ve gotta say, it’s not great. The game itself is fantastic but if IOI are going to proudly declare themselves as developers and publishers of HITMAN 3 then they have to accept the bad as well as the good.

They quite rightly take pride in the awesome review scores, and equally they should take deserved flack for a very messy Day 1 launch.


Same problems every time, no lessons are learned. :sweat_smile:
I love IOI and their games, but this online problems on launch every time are infuriating. 3 times in a row.


I’m finding that I can’t access Dubai in offline mode. H1 levels are all there and every other H3 level, just not Dubai (and H2 obviously). Dubai was working fine all afternoon in online mode. PC

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Well look on the bright side… at least it’s not CYBERPUNK 2077.


on Launch day, I played Cyberpunk uninterrupted for about 7 hours. I didn’t get disconnected once, because it’s a single player game.

These constant disconnections are utterly ruining my experience. I’ve been having such a great time but i’ve spent more time in Chongqing hitting “reconnect” than I have actually playing the fucking level.

In a single player game. Jesus christ


I can connect again, and it detects my account from steam, even allowing me to go into the final review section only to tell me my account it just detected isnt detected

I’m a disconnect away from playing absolution.